Instructions for YouTradeFx and SunbirdFx clients having troubles withdrawing their funds


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Have just over 1100$ stuck with these guys. Followed all other instructions in the post this is the last step.
FYI when last contacted YTFX support back in Oct 2014 the reply came back from USG Capital. Contacting these USG guys now and they are either dodging my calls (using a phone reply service) or saying they can't find my account...
Does anyone else know for certain the connection between these two companies?
None that I know of. But something should tie those two up though.


Where can I start a new complaint?
I asked for the money in the YoutradeFX April 27, it has been a major problem. Emails every day. My account manager blocked me on skype and never no one has contacted me. Two days ago I warned he would do complaint, replied, warned that they would put me money, but only placed me $ 300 and the rest cleared the account was zero !!! I only have data from a card to the account, then they can not have divided the deposit. I wanted to take everything because I think they are a scam and are giving proof. What can I do to give me back the rest of the money ??


Well glad to say that today out of the blue got a mail from YouTradeFX <> saying that my withdrawal request was approved!!! Checked and indeed my account balance was transferred to the requested service. First withdrawal request filed on 24th of April this year so about a month and a half of emailing every address of YTFX I have once a week + contacting a law firm,, and the Israeli securities commission, still better late than never.
Best of luck to everyone going through the same BS, maybe making noise does work :)


I am requesting my withdrawal in youtradefx.
requesting amount is $150+$1493=$1643(i requested two orders in the different day)

I deposit $1500 by my credit card,and asked withdrawal more than two month ago.
They said the first $150 is under the process,but $1493 order wasn't received. so I requested again about a month ago.
Then no contact for three weeks now.
I can't contact with them by email,onlinechat,phone,nothing.

I sent the request to Jonathan,and my account manager,and some officers.
additionally,I asked the ad company to stop youtrade's ad.
Youtradefx expliained the ad company that the reason they are delay nowadays is because they are improving the system and they are still open.
They seem very quick response to ad companies,but not to the customer.

please help me.


And also I informed Amazon company about youtradefx and you trade is using amazon's logo in the promised me to do something to youtradefx.
What else organizations can I ask the help?


my account number with youtradefx 319315
withdrawal reference number 2842880

i requested for withdrawal for over 3 weeks now, have been following up with calls (unanswerable) and emails no reply. Any time i get a support agent to pick calls when ever i mention withdrawal as my issue they cut off the line all efforts to get them to no avail. They lured me into their company telling me they will give 100 percent support, but now even the agent who got me doesn't respond to my Skype or email messages. THIS IS A SCAM


my account number with Sunbirdfx is 317029
withdrawal reference number 2567665

waiting from 9th november my money.

Scam company!!!!!


At the start Sunbirdfx was a fine regulated company. They offered 100% bonus that could be redeemed after certain amount of lot traded, and that can be used as equity. I traded with them in 2013 and 2014.

By the end of the bonus period, I was not able to reach the required volume. My bonus was removed. I asked for a withdrawal. my correspondent told me I did well in my account but since I was not able to trade the required volume, my profit will be cancelled! He referred to the terms and conditions of the offer, which had been modified from the original ones. Happily I had the original terms, and I showed them. Finally they returned my original deposit and I kept my profits to trade with.

By the end of 2014 it seemed to me the company had changed. Spread was increased from 1.4 variable to 3 pips fixed.
Live chat was removed from site. I decided to withdraw my remaining balance, unsuccessfully.
Few weeks later, I was contacted by one of their representative asking me to open an account with them!
I told him I already had an account, and provided him with the number.
He called me back telling me to put a new deposit in order to get a bonus.

After I complained may latest withdrawal was not honored, he contacted me back, telling me since I had previously successful withdrawals, I could trust them. I insisted on wanting my funds back. He never contacted me back.

Same pattern recently with another broker that was regulated in New Zealand...

In conclusion, even if you have an account with a regulated company that seemed ok at a certain time, keep checking its status and health every few months or even weeks; you never know when your funds will be in trouble...