Is it forexhunt Cheated company ?

hussein 1

Starting i think i am only victim in this company. Now i found that
still got many investor involve in this company. I join this company
cause my friend intro to me , and he stop trading when lose all the
money. Lose money i cant said anything , but now earn money and
forexhunt cut my earning/profit , mean we never never never think
can get money from this company unless we lose. I write the truth,
if this company pay me back the profit , i will inform all at here. But
now don open acc at this company. If you have acc there , please
withdraw out all the money. I worry it will cut yours deposit using
other reason , i dont know. My case is my friend help me to open
the account and i trading at my house . Now this company use the
reason all this accounts was opened from one IP . Then my profit is
cut. It may cut the bonus of this case but how come it cut my profit?
Until now i also don know what wrong i done?

Please remember dont deposit into this company or you will regret ....

hussein 1

forexhunt(Sam) ask me to contact for the newest info

I just chat with forexhunt (Sam) and he help me to transmitted my
case to an organizational department and i hope it really solve this problem
by today. Return me the profit and i can continue trade at forexhunt.
Never hope forexhunt pay you back your profit

Never hope forexhunt pay you

It is really a big lied , cheated company

I just open the account together with my friend

and trade at my house but this forexhunt give me

the reason cause open acc using same ip , so

it cut my profit.


Dear Hussein 1,

We would like to pay attention, that Deposit is still on your account.
As concerns your profit which were cancelled, due to the the fact that you have violated a rule of our company. When you have opened an account you agreed to the terms of trade rules of the company. We can not break the rules and return you a profit on the transaction violates regulations. of Public Offer Agreement on your trading account. The openining (closing) of the unidirectional hedging orders on the accounts participating in bonus campaign from the same IP address of the computer or from different IP addresses of one computer is forbidden. In case of the detection of such actions the profit made in this way will be canceled.

You have made fraud with funds, i.d. with bonus funds. Our dealers don't close your bonus, your bonus were when you have had draw down, so, that's why you order was closed when you have had stop out. Dealer waited when you close your order and after that cancell your deposit. According this term: Our company has a right cancell undirectional orders. Sir if you don't know the rules of our Agreement it is not mean, that you should not follow it.


"unidirectional hedging orders"???

By definition, hedging orders are in the opposite direction. 2 accounts trading in a the same direction (unidirectional) are not hedging.

Would ForexHunt care to elaborate?