Is this the way how forexyard cheats? Be aware of this cheaters.


I have been victim of a great forexyard affiliate cheating for the last 2 months. I have tried my level best in a gentle way to contact them and asked them to pay my dues. Its all started in the month of june when i first referred 2 customers to forexyard from my free fx training center in hope of a good CPA and revenue sharing. I also have noticed they pay 100% good for nothing bonus on the deposit. So I referred 2 customers on a deal of 100$ CPA and 0.6% revenue share per account opening with deposits more than 300$. My referred clients opened the account with 1000 and 300 dollars. As per the contracts I have been made with forexyard, my clients deposited and has traded more than 10 trades Both of them for me to receive the commission. Both of my clients has traded more than 35 lots so 100$ CPA (per account)+0.6 pips revenue share is my commission. As per the contract, They said I will receive the payments 15th of every month. But its all a great lie and a painful cheating this people did to me. When i first contacted forexyard, i was introduced with a great cheater named andrew he did all this things to me. I was told by andrew to go for a contract since i have a training center so i filled up the paper provided by forexyard, i signed and mailed it to andrew. After a month has passed when i asked for the payment i was told i should receive it next month(July). But they only provided my affiliate link no payments at all. I am tired of calling and mailing them. They reply with saying they will pay today, tomorrow, etc which they never pay. So I contacted the other people in the company but they are all same. And its hard to tell who is who in this company. Every time you contact them their designation changes and the very same person refer you to another department. me and my clients we have used their terminal to trade but lost heavily due to their terminal gets frizzed most of the time (especially during the high profit news time). And their terminal takes hell of a lot time to get connected to the server. And only god knows how long it may can take to connect before a high impact news time. So the terminal got frizzed and we lost 2 our accounts (nfp) because we couldn't even see whats happening in the market. And therefore we couldn't even close our loosing trades which was on a high lot order. I urge all of you to take actions against them and avoid them by any way you can. These people are one of the great cheater in fx market. I don't know what else to write about them more. I am giving all the mails we have shared so you guys can read them and understand what a pain i have dealing with them.
Rule 1. If there is a money dispute with a broker, either stop trading or made very minimal sized trades.

Rule 2. If you get continuously referred to other departments, start emailing all of them. Each time someone adds a new address you should send to, add it to your list. If one person replies, when you reply, CC all the other addresses. That's the most effective way to short-circuit the "it's not my department" excuses that send you in circles from Department A to B all the way to Z and then back to A.