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Hi, I am OZ in Kyiv!

This is so simple, it is like taking CANDY from a BABY......

Look at the chart, trading platform and profit of $600 +....

Maybe 3 time frames... 1 indicator....

FX rocks.........

OZ :)


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9:20 Kyiv time.... Update $200 plus !!

I am short 1 Euro FX @ 1.4618...

looking for 2 more.....

London will soon open... then WE get the afternoon USA overlap...


OZ in Kyiv!


I took profit on 1 lot @ 1.4608.... I was a little concerned about the London open so perhaps I
placed my stop too close??

Anyway... $200 plus profit - QUICKLY!! (in ~ 14 hours over $800!!)

OZ in Kyiv!


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2nd trade today.....

.... this is my problem, I can't stand to be on the side-lines!

I desire ACTION!!! Maybe i should call over a lady friend???

Oh well, I am back in SHORT

2 @ 1.461200 (TRYING FOR A THIRD)

sell off ya bastards!!!

OZ in Kyiv!



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Am I doubling UP.... ??

Love this set-up.....

USA is just waking up and I have been making & losing $$ all day long...

OZ in Kyiv! :D



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Are you on some kind of artificial stimulant?:D

It is called - CHEAP PIVO (beer) 16 ounce at 60 cents usd...

and not so cheap.... BUT VERY SEXY - girls!!!!!!!!

Look at my last trade...

OZ in Kyiv! (ps.... TAX FREE)


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12 Dec 12:30 Kyiv....

... oh boy, way too much Vodka last evening....

my current trade in the Euro FX

ps - Can any one tell me why the Euro went 'south' as the US Stock market went 'south'? Seems contradictory to me??:confused:

12:44 Kyiv

I am now short 5 lots. The last sell at 1.4714 right at the trendline...

I will take profit on 2 lots at 1.4695 10 points x $12.50 x 2 lots

My stop is at 1.4721 OUCH

TIME: 13:29

I got 2 bought back. Lowered the stop to .4710

Taking more profit at .4686

KYIV Time 14:56

Ok, see this pattern alot... so I jumped in again, got 1 sold...

Short 4 again, stop is moved to break-even...

trying for 2 at .4686 (nice profit)

Will LOCK in anything over $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

15:05 Time to call over Sweet LiL Gal!!!

Well the Euro FX performed as expected. Got out with $1,300 gross..

Minus 6 RT's times $6.50 comm - Take $200 of that and SHE will adore me!!

Gotta luv Ukraine and the FX!!!!

ps - Forex sucks!

OZ in Kyiv !


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When you're feeling a bit more sober and are done celebrating with pretty girl(s), can you explain a little more about your methodology?