Kaizen Global new cheat


WARNING: Kaizen has a new service like virtual private server where the user can run the pms with its live account. The trap is simple - Kaizen takes control on the customer's live account and trades and they can suspend the access to the service anytime and they can even say sorry internet connectivity issue on customer side or something like this. My account was blown when I lost access to the service for few hours without response from Kaizen support.... finally when managed to get back my account was gone. Just stay away and don't give your live running account under their control on their service!!!
I think we have to look at this piece by piece.

According to past posts and youtube videos, the virtual private server (VPS) as marketed by Kaizen Global and Reza Mokhtarian is a separate product ran by separate company such as Amazon. A typical VPS for trading usually hosts an MT4 program and is always on.

It must be said however, that no company can guarantee 100% availability, the highest is 99.999% availability and this is usually available to extremely large corporations. In this regard, the VPS provider may have had an issue that caused the problem and you should have raised a support issue with them instead of Kaizen.

Other scenarios could involve:

1) Kaizen's system could have suffered an outage.

2) Reza MOKHTARIAN allegedly does not use stop losses (see darkfast's myfxbook), perhaps an open trade went horribly awry (think the famous EURCAD trade), perhaps you were margin called and over-leveraged.

3) If you had used stop losses, a VPS outage would remove those stop losses (and take profits).

You would have to look at the brokerage statements to see what exactly went on.

My personal opinion, though without seeing any proof whatsoever, would be Reza's poor trading and lack of risk management on those trades as the likely culprit based on many social media reports and reviews on FPA.

You are unlikely to recover any money. However, I suggest you file a complaint with your country's securities regulator:

My name is, NAME, I was solicited by a company called Kaizen Global. Kaizen Global offers a trading service of off-exchange foreign currencies through an "autotrader" called the Kaizen PMS which links their computer trading system to individual trading accounts at a forex broker. I suffered a monetary loss of $ XXX USD by using this product . It has been brought to my attention that Kaizen Global may not be registered to in a lawful capacity to provide financial advice, investment guidance or to trade securities.

It has also been brought to my attention that the owner, CEO, Reza Mokhtarian, of Ontario, Canada has been charged with a count of fraud by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in September 2016.

Hopefully they can put a warning out. If there are enough warnings, it is possible to get this company shut down.
3) If you had used stop losses, a VPS outage would remove those stop losses (and take profits).

Hard SL and TP reside on the broker server. You could blow up the server room of the VPS service and bulldoze the remains into a landfill and those stops should still be there protecting your trade.

If you use mental stops or rely on software to close trades without built in hard stops, then all it takes is a connection issue anywhere between the trading platform and the trading server to doom you.

Filing complaints not only with your own country's regulators, but also with the Ontario Securities Commission would be a step in the right direction.