LAND-FX New Zealand: Can not withdraw deposit and profit! - Scam signal

Le Thi Hau

Dear friends,

My name is Le Thi Hau
I am sharing my bad experience on LAND-FX, headquarter in New Zealand and many Countries. I hope to receive your support to solve the issue. Thank for your view and support in advance. Here is the detail:

In November 2014, I opened trading account in Land Prime Limited at website LAND FX : Online Forex Broker - Foreign Exchange Trading - Financial Law Abiding Company.
I was requested to provide them my PLE & POA as last step to finish open-process.
1Open acc.png

Right after that I got the email LAND-FX Completion of Live Account open
2Open live account.png

Then I normally deposited fund to account and traded, got daily trading report via the email until Jan 13 2015.
3confirm end.png
From Jan 14 2015, I continuously traded to reach the Equity of $ 5300.

On Jan 15 2015, there was a huge surge from Swiss Central Bank, following up is strong variation in pair USD/CHF. Basing on that signal, I got tremendous profit.
4Trade CHF.png

Right after 1 hour, my account was disable definitely with profit $ 247 129.39

1 day after that, on Jan 16 2015 my account was activated back, but all the profit from order USD/CHF was gone, the equity backed at $5300. I got the email from Land to explain why profit is deducted.

Le Thi Hau

1 day after that, on Jan 16 2015 my account was activated back, but all the profit from order USD/CHF was gone, the equity backed at $5300. I got the email from Land to explain why profit is deducted.
6Deducted Profit.png

My account was officially backed at $5300. I requested to withdraw $4500 then the account was immediately disabled without any announcement from LandFX.
I don’t know what happened to my account following days. I did contact them via email, Live chat and even call them to support me resolve the issue.
On Jan 22 2015, I got their response from Land FX staff that they asked me provide them again PLE, POA and my marriage proof.
8Email reply.png

I sent them those documents as request and received an response asking me to wait in 24 hours. I guessed there something would be solved.
9Email reply2.png

Until Jan 26 2015 LandFX responded me with 1 more request. Providing them my marriage proof with include the layer's name and phone number, and layer's office phone number.
10Email reply3.png

I find their request so unreasonably. When opening & depositing fund in account they have no many requests until they get client’srequest of fund withdraw, asking client to submit many other documents.

I and my husband got married over 28 years, the marriage certificate unluckily deformed. But I did send them notarized Birth certificate of my son which displays clearly my name & husband name legally with red stamp.

They still didn’t accept the paper, want me showing more proofs with layer’s name, layer’s contact….
I confirmed with them my marriage certificate was gone, you can base on the information that Birth certificate to verify marriage relationship.

Why did they still ask me more proof? I wonder in case that I am able to give the marriage certificate with layer’s name, contact. How can they contact them to ask about me when after 28 years those people have been gone and definitely they can’t speak English???

This is 1st time I trade at LandFX, and be afraid of it is Scam broker who is trying to usurp my fund.

Currently my account is still in disable mode and LandFX don’t have any more response relating to my deposit and profit. I hope you can consult on what I can do to get my fund back.

Thank you.


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Send the people at Land Fx an invitation to join this thread and explain why you can't access your money.

You may also want to have a chat with the NZ FDRS.


According to Land-FX term & condition to open new account, you just need to provide them your PLE & POA. If they need anything else, they must ask you before opening account for you. I see they only asked and accepted PLE & POA when you deposited & traded.

It’s ridiculous when you request withdrawal; they asked you the marriage certificate. I haven’t seen any broker asking client’s marriage certificate like this.

I can see clearly they mess things up in purposes, try to usurp your fund. So if you provide them your marriage proof, they might ask you another thing.

I guess they are facing financial difficulties, nearly bankruptcy, they won’t let you withdraw your fund.

You should contact NZ FSCL to ask their support.

Thank for your topic, it alerts me and other traders about this broker.

Le Thi Hau

I sent email to NZ FSCL, but I don't receive any reply from FSCL.
FSCL not credible?

Land-FX Infomation:
Is David Dongsuk Kim scammers ?

Le Thi Hau

I have sent many follow up emails to Land-FX and asked them solve my problem but got no response from them
I hope to get supports from all friends in this forum.
Any one have experience trading with Land-FX, please kindly give me a hand.