Learn Forex Live / Hector Trader / Forex Mastermind blueprint


Hey guys,

Just joined and this is my first post! =)

I have taken a great interest in learning forex about 4 months ago. Since then, I have read up extensively on any free information that I can find and most of them are really great! (e.g babypips.com). I recently stumbled upon forexpeacearmy and I am definitely glad I found it as it contains so many reviews as well as information about the world of forex.

However, I have decided to purchase a feasible online trading course and after much delibration, I have narrowed it down to Hector Trader or LearnForexLive; both products are from the same author (hector deville).

From my research, HectorTrader has received many positive reviews and many have stated that the course is definitely worth its cost ($197). I visited his website where he gave away his first chapter for free and I must say that I am completely awed by informative his videos are. However, what concerned me is that it is a pretty old product (released in 2008 if I remember correctly) and there aren't any recent reviews to vouch as to whether his system is still viable.

That is when I came across his newer release (2009) which is learnforexlive.com .It is alot pricier at $497, but once again his free videos are chock full of information that are easy to grasp and understand! However, I can't seem to find many reviews about this course.

Lastly, I came across a relatively new product (released around aug 2010) that is named forex mastermind blueprint. There seems to be much hype surrounding it and thus I tried to search for reviews; some genuine reviews recommend it but more often than not I seem to come across affiliate sites (they're merely posting the same information -.-).

Forgive me if I miss it or I am posting in the wrong forum, but I only found reviews on Hector Trader on this webbie, and therefore would like to seek opinions from people who have tried and tested learnforexlive and forex mastermind blueprint. Thank you so much!