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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I suspect icmarket is a scammer by manipulation price to wipe out my account . It happened exactly at 05-12-2014 15:30 .at that moment 15:29 I saw the price chf / jpy fell to 123 400 and i know definitely this pair is going to bullish after swing low. .Then I wait until the price rises a back again . exactly on 15:30:00 I buy total 2 lots (1 lot for hedging my previous trade) at price 123.659 with ticket no: 6.956600 . my equity still have +/- 800 usd at that time . when i click buy order and the trade executed , within 2 seconds precisely at 15:30:02 all trade close and margin call .and my order is closed at position 123 400 with 1208.50 usd losses. Then I look back at my order history,i am very surprised apparently my buy order execution price jump above 471 pip .and executed at 124.130 and close at 123.400 but i did not see the price fall again and not exist in 1 minute graph . I then do a comparison chart chf / jpy on my computer with my server in the usa which I also run mt4 software. I see two different charts ( i attach screen capture for evidence ).I had repeatedly sent email to icmarket ,why this could happen but Mr sun choi can not answer technicaly ,Why my trade can closed at the position that did not exist in their graph .i also have a evidence that ICM mt4 server at hongkong dc and main server display different price at the same time and chf/jpy pair show different price at different time frame at the same time .

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Peter sunardi on 12/27/04

The company was first contacted about the issue on 12/10/14 the last contact was on 12/23/14

Details: Thank you for your patience. Our liquidity providers have come back with execution details.

When you submitted the order, it was on the back of the Non-farm Payroll where there was a 50 pip spike in on EUR/JPY (see chart below). While it may be counter-intuitive, orders can be filled ‘off the chart’ if the order is a buy and spreads widen as it was in this case. Buy orders are executed at the Ask price (not visible on the chart by default), and Sell orders executed at the Bid price. While I do recognise that your filled price was different from your request price by 7.9 pips, your order was submitted right on the Non-farm payroll data where there can significant volatility can be expected.

The covering bank for this trade was Morgan Stanley.

Company representatives' emails: sung choi <>



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icmarkets server lagging

i submit 3 screen shot that show different price from icmarkets server
icmarket have 4 server , my account have signed to icmarkets live server2 . icmarkets liveserver 2 also have 2 server ,one in hongkong dc and another one is main server at USA. This 2 server show different price and lag when news release.

1 ICmarkets usa server.jpg : chf/jpy 1 graph in that my mt4 program connected to main server
2 ICmakets Mycomputer.jpg : chf/jpy 1 minute graph that my mt4 program connected to Hongkong dc server
3 ICMarket graph.jpg : chf/jpy 1 minute graph send by icmarket support team leader mr sun choi
4 How icm wipe my account


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I've removed some posts dealing with a review issue. That's all sorted out now.

Can you please invite Sung Choi to your thread in Scam Alerts.
ic markets no repond my invitation

elena.jpgi sent 2 time invitation to sung choi no respond.,and i sent to elena too , but she reply with review email to rate their service .