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Perfect Fibonacci

Discussion in 'Beginners Bootcamp' started by Ricex, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Ricex

    Ricex Sergeant

    Jun 30, 2009
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    Hi, hope your all enjoying your turkey or whatevers on the table at your place.

    I just thought I'd post this chart of todays eur/usd as an example of how Fibonacci ratios can sometimes help us to determine potential support and resistance levels of a retracement.


    So looking at the hourly chart we have an initial upward move from point A to point B.

    We decide because of certain other factors, a resistance level or an over bought indicator for example, that point B is a swing high and point A is our previous swing low.

    As the retracement begins we can apply our Fib trendline. In this case, as it is in an uptrend we drag the fib from bottom to top. A downtrend retracement would have us drag from top to bottom.

    Now we have plotted on the chart 'potential', and I do highlight this, it is not guaranteed, support levels for a move higher following the trend.

    You can see today that it has used all three levels nearly to the pip. The 61.8% line, (the most useful in my opinion) has also given us a lovely hourly doji candle which can signal a change of direction, so all in all a long trade placed at 1.4987 would have many factors in it's favour.

    This is just an example for the purposes of illustrating Fibonacci retracements and should not be used as a trade signal.
  2. Lhar_fpa

    Lhar_fpa Private, 1st Class

    Sep 8, 2009
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    Hmm, I'm having hard time to learn about this fib retracement. I'm really confused about it. :confused:
  3. Doji Dog

    Doji Dog Private

    Oct 19, 2009
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    Not An Exact Science

    Try thinking of fibs as an area of congestions and not a specific turning point. When ever you have congestion you have potential for change. Think of it as an alert for potential change. Something you should be paying more attention to. But not necessarly betting the farm on. But ready to react to.:eek:oh:


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