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Problem Problem with BlockChainChargeback.com

I am having an issue with a company
Thank you for your advice and information as to where and to whom this issue can be reported.

The situation is however worse than what you picked up from my information - there was 3 instances of scamming involved and the first and second one was the biggest scamming cases.
The 3 cases were the following:

1) Scamming by SwissCapital where a friend and I was trading - led by a trader named John Baumann (john.b@swiss-capital.fm) - who helped us to combine our funds into one account and then with his help traded for a huge bonus however when it became time to pay out the bonus he became "sick" and was "fired" by the company. The total of my original investment with SwissCapital was +- $ 90 000 My friend's original investment was even more.

2) Searching for help on the internet I came into contact with a "person" named Grayson Logan (flanmustelafu@gmail.com) who then advised me to contact Binary Trade Consult (binarytradeconsult@salesperson.net) They claimed having found our money and starting a court case against SwissCapital which they then won but in the process we had to pay them a lot of money to cover the witness costs and the lawyer's costs. At the end they claimed a huge amount of money that had to be paid to the Internal Revenue Service of the USA before our money could be paid to us. They also provide us with guarantees and documents that looked official but now looking back on it was useless. They were supposed to be in the USA. The total of what we paid to them was huge (more than +- $100 000.00) and I still have a lot of detail regarding this.
They even went as far as opening "bank accounts" in our names at Okinawa Shinko Bank with the amounts paid as an order of the court in Switzerland but we had to pay an amount of US taxes before the money would be available to us.

3) This happened when I came into contact with BlockChainChargeback who once again scammed me in claiming that they could refund the original payment to SwissCapital.
This last case of scamming is "small" in relation to the first two cases as here it was +- $ 2 500.00

My friend lost all here money (house, pension and life savings) and now is in a bad state as far as her finances are concerned.

I lost my life savings but still has my pension but this is barely enough to survive on and the future in South Africa does not look good !

I will definitely contact one of the contacts that you suggest as we have a lot of information but the whole saga started in December 2019 already. We have stated a case through the Serious crime branch of the South African police but nothing happens very quickly through them.

The biggest problem is however that once I start working on getting all the information together it is very upsetting and I go into a state of depression that is not very nice to experience.

If the SA police do not do something serious in the next few weeks I will definitely contact one of the agencies you suggested. Our police claim that they have very good contacts with the FBI but nothing is happening.

Which one of the agencies would you suggest that I should use ?
It's kind of hard to help you if you keep throwing away money like this. It's hard to phrase it any other way. You are desperate for help, and you keep making some critical errors because you couldn't accept your first loss (as much as it was).

I've DMed you some additional details.
It's kind of hard to help you if you keep throwing away money like this. It's hard to phrase it any other way. You are desperate for help, and you keep making some critical errors because you couldn't accept your first loss (as much as it was).

I've DMed you some additional details.
I was dragged into this situation by my friend - she first got into contact with SwissCapital and received a few payments back from the trader - she was pressured by the trader to get more investors and then came to me to start trading with her - based on the info she gave me it looked quite good and then I also invested with them. From then on we both became desperate to get our bonus (+- $ 550 000.00) back.
By hindsight now I realise that we both made critical errors (plain stupidity) and were really desperate.
The payments were done through our banks in SA (Absa and FNB) to Swisscapital, bitcoin payments mostly through Luno wallet and also to an account in the Netherlands.


The case with the South African Police is under her name as she is seen as the main claimant but nothing is happening with them as I mentioned to you.

It is not a nice feeling at our age (both 72) to realise that you have been cleaned out by scammers !!

You posted this

I've DMed you some additional details.

but I do not understand what DMed is ??


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You have multiple issues. Some scams need to be reported everywhere. Some specific types have additional specific places. This isn't perfectly organized, but should help you report ALL of these people to regulators and agencies that can try to do something about them:

It looks like you've been scammed. Are you going to help the scammers or fight back?

Also,it's probably a good idea to avoid any new investments until you've gotten the wreckage of the current issues dealt with as thoroughly as possible.
Thank you for the feedback !
I have been in conversation with 4evermaat in the meantime and was pointed to a few places where I can go forward in future about the scamming.