Resolved - Forex King

This is short story, but all story with pictures you can see on my blog :

my story begins on the begging of 2012 year with nice friendship with Muhammad Imran Iqbal Khan Saddozai, over Facebook ( Forex King ). About Muhammad I can tell that he is a nice and educated person, finish The Institute of Business and Finance (IBF) from Pakistan.

In beginning i was receive almost 24% per one month, but how he was little late with payouts and reducing commission, again i was Happy to can receive nice interest. So i decide to invest more, maybe stupid from my side, but that was the risk, no risk no reward. So after October 2013. Forex King started a registration of Company named Allium Global and how he said : " Too big cost of company + taxes I must to reduce sharing profit from 15 to 14%". I was said : " OK, no problem". And i invest more $2k.

So now my total investment was $2310, and pay outs instead every 17-th day to be , it was increasing to 20, then to 23 days. It was all time some stress, like : Way again he are late ? Forex King always said : " Company opening too much time and money cost me." How he had some problems with web page designers, he decide to open Facebook page under name Allium Global.

In November and December some payouts was late, but that was explain with interest from 15%, and it was quite OK, but after January 2014. Forex King are reduce interest to 14%, and late for day or two, but that was quite OK. So when we count that missing days for one year, it came to he have one whole interest in his pocket.

Until April 2014 all was quite OK, and payouts was not on time, but OK, always was late in some days. And in May 2014 we are started with first problems.

So don't invest in this company and at this person.