scalping, is trading for short period. you can also call it as the intra day.

Not quite. Scalping is a specific form of intraday trading, but not all intraday traders are scalpers.

Intraday means you generally don't hold trades over until the next day.

A scalper usually aims for multiple very short duration trades (seconds to minutes) during the day. The profit target is usually for a limited number of pips. This often results in scalpers using a larger trade size is larger to make it worth the effort.

Non-scalping intraday traders may leave trades open for times ranging from minutes to many hours and typically aim for larger amounts of pips. Generally, this type of intraday trader makes fewer daily trades than a scalper.
I rarely scalp as it just gives me a heart attack but have seen some great day traders. In it for the long game :)
I am looking to open a live trading account and would prefer an ECN broker as I mainly do intranet trading. So low spreads are the number one priority.

Any recommendations from Traders dealing with suitable brokers for a while?
Anyone trading short term in scalping kindly advice which currency pair is the best for scalping? I currently use EURUSD and looking to try another currency pair that would be better than EURUSD.
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Currently into demo trading and looking for a broker to scalp, Anyone trading with a reputable broker that offers low ECN pricing and tight spreads?

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Let to know yourself, if likely scalping leading your emotion being in pressure, better stay away from this way, but if scalping make your accumulation profit get bigger and bigger, you can stay with this way, but not all broker allow scalping and check for the broker