September 2012 in review and a question for you


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September was quieter than expected, at least in public. Behind the scenes, it was panic as usual. :)

There were a few traders court cases with verdicts. You can see those and vote on the new case here...

Open Cases

More Performance Tests were added. The complete list of all tests is here...

Metatrader Expert Advisors, Forex Robots, Forex Signals and Managed Accounts Tests.

Since I don't have as much to share with you this month, I thought I would ask you to share with me and your fellow FPA members. I've got an idea I've been playing with. If people are interested, I'll see if it can be done. If people aren't interested, tell me here and save me a lot of time and effort.

My thought was to add some top 10 lists each month. Things like...

Best Performance Tests of the Month by profit for the month.
Best Performance Tests of the Month by profit/drawdown ratio for the month.
Best Performance Tests of the Month for new tests (1-4 months running time).
Best Performance Tests of the Month for older tests (12+ months running time).

Best rated sites listed in the last few months.
Best rated sites with 200+ reviews.

And there might also be lists for worst of the month. :rolleyes:

If you like the idea, let me know what sort of lists you want to see. If you hate the idea, please tell me now before I start bugging the programmers to make this happen.

If you are a list addict and want all sorts of top and bottom 10 lists, go ahead and hit the Like button. on this post.

I thought about posting this as a poll. I don't just want yes/no votes. I want to hear what kinds of lists you would like or not like. Hit the "Reply" button and share your thoughts on the idea.
This is an excellent idea and therefore please continue to make this more exhaustive for the benefit of all readers. I like this effort. Thanks.

Feisal Rahimtoola

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Though I am not into robotics or auto trade signals, it would be nice if it is available without too much extra effort.


Personally I dont quite believe in robot EA. If programme is written by proven trader it would then convince me.
In any case if FPA goes ahead with performance report I would prefer to Have ~ Best performance tests of the month by winning transactions.


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Hi Bill K
Great idea - I'd like to suggest a list on something a tad IT technical which is the actual execution performance of broker trading account hosted on VPS's
The reason I'm suggesting this was I bought Thor II this month based on reviews and persuaded by the discount. What I've found in reality when trading live is the execution time of live servers and the combination of broker accounts on different VPS's vary, not only due to the stated "latency" but also depends on where the server is located and where your VPS is hosted and obviously the type of trading account offered by the various brokers. I must admit I found it a bit of a minefield since you can never really be sure of execution time until you have a live funded account !.
So a list on that sort of thing I think would be extremely useful
Keep up the good work


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback, both good and bad, so far. Please keep making suggestions and also comment on the suggestions others have made. I want as much information as I can get before proceeding.

About demos. I have a plan for dealing with those. I'm waiting for word from the programmers on some changes I've requested be made to the main Performance Testing section of the site to come through. Demos will be still be allowed in PT for EAs, but only under some very special limitations.

Demos won't be eligible for any Top 10 listings in Performance Testing. That privilege is reserved for live accounts only.


Good thoughts - I would like the best rated sites. It adds some human respondse to the stats.


I believe that Best Performance Tests of the Month by profit/drawdown ratio for the month would be the most useful. I would stress especially a word drawdown here.

Haig Gocherian

Hi All,
Personally I think, trading with EA's is a waste of time. It will consume your money in no time. EA's are for people who want to make a quick "buck", without making any efforts to learn the proper ways of trading. EA's are another "quick get rich" con.