scammed me by quietly altering Contract size on opened orders


This is exactly the same situation as described in this case
Exactly the same scenario!

What happened to me is:
I've opened number of positions on UsdTry, UsdHkd, UsdZar over the months of August and September. I keep all those positions opened, I didn't close any orders.
While I've been opening orders over time I've noticed that Contract Size on those pairs was changing quite dramatically so I calculated my position size accordingly. What I recently discovered is that is applying those contract changes backward to already opened positions. As Contract Size was reduced dramatically (from even 10000 down to 500) that means my opened positions were reduced up to 95% in value! Without them even notifying me about that!

When my positions were making profits, they were reducing Contract Size on them, for example on UsdTry from 10000 down to 500! Reducing potential profits. When market moved against me and my positions went into negative values, they jumped Contract Size again to 10000 on all my opened positions, even those opened when Contract Size was 500, so positions value went up to levels I never intended to trade, and on 10.10.2018 they closed all my positions with Margin Call.

This is a cheeky scam, it's not easy to notice those changes as orders appear unchanged (Volume, Open Price, Spread remain unchanged) and they can possibly do it even on short term orders, as I'd think most traders don't verify if profit on orders was calculated correctly. They didn’t sent me any daily reports in period of time when they made most Contract Size changes, which might be part of this scam, to make it even harder to spot it.

After I've realized what they're doing I've asked them for explanation, at first, they tried to ignore me, and after few days of arrogant conversation from their support they finally admitted they scammed me, but they think it's all right and I need to deal with it:

"The contract size has been cancelled by liquidity providers on their side, and this changes was made by them. You can trade at this trading instruments or you can close this deals and choose other trading instruments for your trading."
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Trading by the instrument USDTRY was suspended by liquidity providers and changes of this instrument were made by them because of extramarital changes in the market
and it does not depend on services which are provided by our Company.