The Advanced Trade Manager

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Steve Norman

For-Exe Representative
Special offer from Steve Norman at

The complete Forex trade manager and assistant for MT4, particularly designed for advanced Forex traders and scalpers who need to enter at the click of a button and let the computer manage the trades.

Automatic: -
  • Calculation and setting of target prices - based on points or risk/reward (R:R)
  • Lot sizing - either fixed lots or variable percentage risk (you define the standard percent and then choose 100%/50%/25%, of the standard, for each trade with a click of the button)
  • Move stop loss to break-even (or lock in profits) at points or R:R
  • Advanced trade management - take profits, move and trail stops, at your predefined level
  • Break-even point calculation and display, when multiple trades entered
  • Trade entry using a (compatible) indicator of your choice for virtually hands-free trading
  • and much more
Just £96 for a one year licence, but as a special for FPA subscribers, Steve will add 6 months for free.


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This offer ends at 5 pm, New York Time, on Monday, October 7th, 2019. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
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