The FPA is changing. Welcome to the COLA PEACE ARMY!

ColaAngels - Protecting your Coke!

Things run really fast within this forum! Before we even announced our new website: (ColaAngels - Protecting your Coke!:cool:) , we have a claim to investigate already for expired cola cans coming from the Antarctic ;)
Ha ha !!! you had me there for a good 2 mins....
That was a good one. Next time you can go as far as actually changing the site
I bet a lot more people will be freaking out like I did.., :)
Is it just me, or do some of those off-brand, unregulated sodas really taste bad? :p
Will US cola drinkers be allowed to purchase from offshore bottling plants?
New regulations make offshore colas illegal for American residents.

Next year, I hear they'll be outlawing beer imports.
Cola taste like aluminum now.
Made my breath smell worse than a truck stop mens room after few months.
Tap water taste like creamy malt o meal.
What to do?