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This is the second time I tried this service. The first time was only $1 for 2 weeks. I don't even think I made my money back on that one. The second time I signed up for $497/month, which included an EA to do the dirty work. Unfortunately, both the EA and the manual trading from these signals had the same result as the first time: it lost just as much as it won. Apparently, the brokers out there already know about this method, and the market makers have figured out how to defeat it as well. Unfortunately, there is a NO REFUND policy stated on his website, even though it also says to take a risk-free ride. I signed up for 11 pairs, but only received 5 for about a week and a half. Then, I quickly learned that their EA had so many bugs, that it could not be used on a live account, such as platform crashing, incorrect lot management, etc. In fact, one month later when I cancelled my account, the EA still had bugs, placing trades with no SL or TP with no EA management of the trades. His proprietary indicator that came with the subscription also had bugs, and never did work on my platform. I emailed them many times about all these problems, and they only responded that they would look into it. I never got any solutions. I started adding up all the trades, both manual and auto, and as of today, it is in the negative, not really worth the $497/month, especially on a demo account only. I had high hopes this time, but now back to square one again. I tried to ask for a refund of the initial cost, but they adamantly repeated the NO REFUND policy, even though they didn't provide me with the service that they promised. The whole month was filled with buggy software and little customer support. IMHO the service is now deplorable and ineffective, not to say that nobody is successfully trading it. Their strategy as presented does not work very well anymore, and I believe that Tom is now making his money through subscriptions and sales. In fact, I received an email last week from Tom, trying to sell someone else's robot (as an affiliate of course). This was a big red flag for me, because he always despised the use of robots (even though he had one built for him). This robot is not even doing well on (T_S Robot), which confirms my experience. I'm not trying to bash this service, but I'm only giving an honest review from my experience. They should've provided a solution to the problem or a refund, IMO.


Ummmm... you didn't think the $1 trial was worth the $1 and then you gave him $497 for something with no refund? Why?


Ummmm... you didn't think the $1 trial was worth the $1 and then you gave him $497 for something with no refund? Why?

Unfortunately, I was giving this service the benefit of the doubt, due to the fact that I work a regular job, and trading at night usually doesn't yield very successful results on the majority of pairs. So, I was hoping the problem was my timing, and that MAYBE an EA would take care of this, but now it is clear that this method doesn't work very well anymore. At first glance at the charts, it seems that it should work, but a simple retrace back to S/R levels will take these trades out every time.



For the platinum membership u have to pay 497$ every month. everyday average 15 signals coming. Out of these 15 signals 5 signals may be worth. Even if you follow their trading rules you will gain may be 2 or 3 signals only. Rest of them put you in loss. Average seeking is loss only apart from the monthly subscription and also you have to keep on looking to the screen. You loose your personal work and you have to forget everything.

The great thing is they have very very worst customer support. You have to keep on writing emails, ultimately only one thing will happen. NO REPLY NO REPLY NO REPLY from him.
Another great thing is that you loose your membership suddenly and keep on sending emails to them to enable. I am sure nothing will happened but only one thing will happened is you keep on pay monthly membership for nothing. My overall opinion is WORST service. Dont loose your money. My kind advice.

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About Mr Tom Strignano

Hi Guys...I joined his service as I had respect for his book and he comes across very well, just like a salesman should. He also creates the urgency to join very well...He does give a lot of good advice and admits his shortcomings which is meant to add to his credibility...But his results do not back him up...he gives out a lot of signals which is to show the value of the site...though if you spend the time and put them on a spreadsheet the results are not good...even the best disciplined monetary strategy would fail...also when you take some of the suggestions and have a look at other indicators which are showing negative diversions and he is tend to scratch your head at his reasoning...sure enough it goes pair shape...Then I kept a spreadsheet doing the direct opposite of his posts...The results were very good (Wish I was trading with cash)...He finally lost me when he started pushing his friends robots saying "Give the people what they want" I am sure everyone knows that robots are a waist of time and Tom was just after his commission for his work in creating his data base...Then he starts bagging them again...I really wanted him to be what he purports himself to be...see how good he is...But you have to look past the facade and take a cold hard look at the results...Holds no sand I'm maiden post hope it was ok...


signed up for TFS on 02.11.2010
The signals history on their website show only the entry price but not the results of every trade.
I asked them 3 times why, but never got an answer.
I know now why - the results are to bad!
There is a window, what shows the results ( for all trades together ) for the last 7 and 30 days.
Because I lost 106 pips and they showed a profit of 905 pips for the last 7 days,
I asked them, if they can show a live statement as a proof.
Again no answer.
That is in my opinion the clear proof the results are faked!
Many traders believe Vladimir would be a very successful trader.
I believed it too.
But if you see how he trade live, you will change your opinion completely.
He close all winning trades very early for a small profit and let the losers run.
Take profit is about 15 to 30 pips, stop loss is about 110 pips.
For example:
On friday 19. he opened 2 short trades EUR/USD ( he always opens 2 trades with the same lot size)
and closed 1 (50%) for a profit of 28 pips. The other part remained open over the weekend.
What professional trader would take such a high risk?
On monday we got stopped out with a loss of 110 pips.
That means the 2 trades lost together 82 pips.
Another time he closed a losing trade 8 pips before the 110 pip sl was hit.
The trend reversed 7 pips before the original sl would have been hit and made a 200 pip move in our direction.
We lost completely unnecessary 102 pips.
Yesterday he opned 2 short trades GBP/USD at 1,5926 and closed the first with a profit of 22 pips,
the second with a profit of 58 pips.
If you check the charts, you will see, there was absolutely no reason to close the trades so early.
The whole move was 171 pips. We could have made easily 139 pips.
I know now, why Tom and Vladimir need to sell signals and make promotions as affiliates for worthless Forex products -
they are not able to make a living from their own trading.
BTW on the members website you can send a message directly to Tom or Vladimir.
I did it 3 times, but never got an answer.
Do not waste your time and money for this money destruction service.


i buy the service a month ago, does not work as they say, will not win anything in a month. i obtains my refund because i buy it in clickbank.


Using a phony address and a account for Spam

Well, the guy is Spamming me with sales emails but he signs it,
"Tom Strignano, Oceans Drive, Miami, FL 33139, United States"

That's suspicious right there. There is no "Oceans Drive" in Miami. There is a well-known Ocean Drive in the City of Miami Beach and that has the 33139 Zip Code. That's where Johnnie Versace lived and died. It is probably the number one tourist destination in Dade County with jet setters and fashion models all around. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodmam had a donnybrook there after their marriage that caused them both to be arrested and put in jail. Gloria Esteban has a restaurant there and close by, so does Michael Caine. The topless beach is right there.

No one who lives or works there would call it Oceans Drive. And what good is that without a building number? It's about 15 blocks long, Ocean Drive. That's like giving your address as "Walls Street, NY" or "Parks Lane, London." :mad:

His email is coming from a Gmail account, which is available to anyone and is not very indicative of a serious business enterprise. Why doesn't he have his own domain?

Here is the number of the Economic Crimes Unit of the State's Attorney for that jurisdiction. 305-547-0671 If he hurt you, I would suggest you drop a dime on the goniff.