Traders be careful this company .ts-edgecapital.com is a scam , they are promoted by markets.com
Can you please share more details please ?

There is one man who claims to be a trader, he will try to convince you when you add him on Skype, but he will only Flush your money to the Broker, and the broker will give him his percentage of the money..
There are ways to do this that don't implicate the broker.

For example, I could lure people in and get them to open accounts at a very honest and well-regulated broker under my IB link (if I had one). Perhaps I'd get paid per signup, or maybe I'd get paid part of the spread per trade, or perhaps I'd be on a hybrid plan that blends these 2 payment options. In any event, I could then destroy the accounts and still collect money. The broker would bear zero legal or ethical responsibility.

Of course, it is possible for a bad broker to work with bad account managers. The problem is the end result is identical, so it's very hard to prove if the broker had anything to do with it or not.

If someone did this to you, report them to the broker. This will not get your money back, but many brokers will block account managers like this - but ONLY if people take the time to report what the account manager did. Does this person have his own website?

You should also report this person to econsumer.gov - Your site for cross-border complaints.
Alleged performance is just a table of claimed percentage increases. Contact Us on the site lists a PO box in Nevis & St. Kitts.

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Did you file a complaint with econsumer.gov?

Can you give some more details about what happened?

well , they asked me to add them on Skype , I did and a guy named Sean from UK , kept giving promises until I trusted him with a real account , he said that he will connect my account to his master account and position sizes will be appropriated to the equity so the margin will always be in the safe area

I agreed ! and when I funded the account (with Big Amount) he came to me and said he was not able to connect my account to his master account , and he asked for my account password to do it , then he started to open positions by him self and going against the trend until I was margened-off .
Have u signed any POA with the person to trade on ur behalf???

As mr.Pharaoh said, u cant blame broker directly for a bad acct mngr. Try to contact the broker and inform abt this. So they can block that acct mngr
If there wasn't an LPOA, that gives the broker another reason to block the manager. With or without an LPOA, warn the broker.

Did you file with eConsumer.gov yet?