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General discussions of a financial company
Judging by their NFA profile, it looks like they are associated with Israeli internet gambling company 888.com.
I was informed that this is a brand new thing and after visiting them at "www.ufxbank,com", I find it extremely shady.

Nothing was stated that it's a legal and regulated entity.

I'm just curious when the contact number started with "+44" too.

Can anyone verify and affirm it's authenticity please?

I'm afraid many newbies may fall into a scam if it's really one.


Hi there Nancy Cheah!:)

I have been reading a lot from you all about these scams or scammers. I am always interested because I am a newbie. Thank you also for your concern about the matter. I just want to know why do you always stumble upon this kinds of stuff? are you a scam investigator? Just KIDDING ! ha ha ha ! Well, thank you very much for your concern. God Bless !;)
Well, maybe it's because I'm a Malaysian and Malaysians generally are quite aware of all these stuffs.

Here in Malaysia, many scams take place under our very noses almost every single calendar day so when Malaysians are exposed to these kind of things, then it's natural that our alarm bells start ringing.

Get it?

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I have trading account with UFX Bank..

for me they have been perfect..

I deposited $2000 and received a bonus of $1000 instantly and when I went to withdraw the cash they gave me them immediately..

Im not sure about their regulation I think they have US regulation,
but i would recommend them,

good luck all


MODERATION NOTE: This "customer" testimony was left from inside UFX Bank's office in Israel.
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UFX Bank - Real Broker.

Well, i have some interesting update. These guys are not bad at all.
I did a full check on this broker .
I went to visit their office in Cyprus. At first they told me i cannot come without an invitation. so i asked for an invitation - surprisingly they accepted.
I went to visit the office - It is a very big office, something like 150-200 traders and Analysts.

I met with a guy name Thomas - he "Explained" everything although i know everything about Forex. i have to say he gave me a good service.
In the end of the conversation i told him that i came to cyprus only to check if this company is real (which is realized is very real and serious) and he offered to pay for my trip back (something like a 1000 USD gift) providing i will trade in a certain volume.

Bottom line - these guys are very serious and real. I was trading in another company up until now(FXPro) and now i am moving my trading account to UFXBank. UFX Bank is currently also the bext offer i cound fine in the aspect of bonuses.:)

MODERATION NOTE: This "customer" testimony was left from inside UFX Bank's office in the UK. This company has been warned about spamming the FPA's reviews with fake customer testimonials. Now they are also spamming the forums.

Bottom Line - this behavior will not be tolerated.
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They are appearing as one of the top rated brokers here.
You've done a good job, but I think more is needed as they clearly don't deserve to be a top-rated broker.

Maybe you need a new category, e.g. "Suspected scam" or "Unethical" or something like that, and it should be shown on the index page.

Maybe there needs to be a credibility rating that measures how credible the reviews feel. e.g. look at Amazon where you can rate how helpful a review was.

There should be some kind of penalty when finding out that a review is fake. e.g. how about deducting the rating of the fake review, e.g. if the fake review had a rating of 4, turn it into -4 so that it actually lowers the overall rating.

Also, the number of reviews and forum posts the reviewer has made in the past would add to the credibility of a review, and anyone who suspects anything can search for other reviews or forum posts by the same person to see if there's any obvious bias. A weighting could be mathematically applied such that those who post the best and most reviews add more weight to the overall rating of a broker. Think of how other web sites rank things, like Google or IMDB.

Historical rank could also be a good idea. It looks like this broker shot up to the top in little time, which is very suspicious.

The review count should not include reviews with no rating, otherwise it would seem that the high rating has more weight than it should. e.g. for UFX Bank there are only 6 reviews that had ratings, not 14.

There should be an option to give a 0 rating. This is very different from "No rating", which is neutral. a 1 rating as the lowest possible rating may be too high.

I'm not sure if there is a thread on this web site discussing quality of reviews in general, so please move or copy this post to such a thread if appropriate. If such a thread does not exist then maybe you should create one, as improvements need to be made and suggestions from other people can help.
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Rating system

I agree with hyper, some changes would be appropriate. With all of the fake reviews left without penalty what is left is a four star rating for a highly suspicious operation.
Ufx Bank - Scam

I am waiting for a withdrawl of US$7261 including the US$2000 deposited for 1 month now, and they are getting from one excuse to the other. I will now have my lawyer to contact them because i honestly think they are a scam and please be aware. If FPA can do something to help me please feel free but i will not let this issue unresolved as they have a branch here in Cyprus.

UFX representative

Hello there,

My name is Stuart and I work for UFX bank

I can see there have been some issues and i would like to help clear them up.

If anyone has any problems as of now or questions I will be happy to answer them