1. D

    Ufx withdrawn

    Anyone know about ufx? I need to withdraw my money back of $500
  2. D


    Hi I joined UFX about a month ago with an initial deposit of $1000 paid with my debit card , every day this trade manager pressurised me to deposit more so that I can take advantage of the market and have good rertuns which I did deposited £4000 which converted into about $6000 something and I...
  3. H

    Be careful when trading with ufx trading company

    Dear guys, I started trading with ufx nearly before 2 weeks. They assigned an account manager for me ( as I am a beginner and he told me that no need for experience as they will do everything for me be calling me to just confirm the deal) I deposit 3700$ with them, & started making profits...
  4. Master Yoda

    Scam warning- www.ufx.com=ufxmarkets=ubinary=paragonex=Toyga

    Dear members, Today I have decided to investigate the UFX inc. more deeply following a little tip I have got which claims that UFXmarkets aka UFXBank have decided to open new brand called www.ufx.com At first I thought it would be impossible to investigate the links, after all they know that...
  5. Scam Investigations Committee

    It's Time to Call the UFX Kiss of Death a Scam

    It's Time to Call the UFX Kiss of Death a Scam There are a lot of stupid broker tricks out there. A lot of bad brokers do things like rig the slippage against you or requote you unnecessarily to make you take a worse price. There is only one broker we know of that has earned a special...
  6. Scam Investigations Committee

    UFXMarkets.com / UFXBank.com

    FPA Scam Finding against UFXMarkets.com / UFXBank.com We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that... UFX already had a bad reputation at the FPA...
  7. M

    Scammed by UFX Markets

    I opened an account with UFX Markets on July 26, 2012. I deposited $1000, was given a bonus $300. After being persistently urged by the account manager, Mr Alex Cooper, to deposit more funds, I deposited another $300. The account grew to about $6000. The problem began when I started to make my...
  8. I


    Hey everyone i start trading with ufxmarkets like 2 weeks ago . they push me hard to deposit more money to my account, which is not what i want. my account manager asked me to open a huge trades like 500z on gold and i only have $3000 in my account , i refused , after this he opened a...
  9. M

    Resolved | UFX Markets -Fund Withdrawal Problem

    Hello friends, My Name is Mohammed Shaheen and I will try to explain my problem with UFX Markets so I hope that everybody be careful and learn how they trying to make their customer lose their money. How I started with UFX Markets? First I opened a demo account with UFX Markets and some other...
  10. I


    i received an advert on my phone about how to make an income by trading with oil. After opening the webpage it seems to be very good, there are different options to choose from so as a pensioner i don't have much money to invest which was a very favorable on my side, so i choose the smallest...
  11. W

    ufx market scam

    I am also a victim of ufx market. I am surprised they are using LONDON office without fear. We need to STOP them as soon as possible otherwise more people would become VICTIM. I need your help to get my money $5000. My story is similar to every one . They are using same simple method to earn...
  12. H

    UFX Markets

    I had deposit 500$ in my account in this company , and they hired an account manager for me so we started trading. when my account reached a 1400$ I requested to withdraw the first 500$ , but they were asking for more money, then I started to suspect that this might be a fraud is going on...
  13. C

    UFXMarkets.com Cheated me So Badly!!! They don`t let me take out money!!

    Hello Mate, Am from London ,UK UFXMarkets called me to join in their trade so I opened the basic account with $500 ...miss guided me with false trade trusting them i went in loss. Because my account went in minus asked me again and again to add more money finally I invested extra $1050 to...
  14. povero

    ufxbank transfer my money to ufxmarket (both scam and destroy me)

    ufxbank.COM AND UFXMarkets.com Cheated me English I suffer from a real problem with this company ufxbank then ufxmarkets ufxbank make ​​me deposited more than 13500 thousand dollars and becuse of my account managers i lost it three years they change my account mangaer i deal with Rami...
  15. A

    UFXBank Kiss Of Death

    Hello. I recently wrote to my account manager at UFX asking him what information he needed to help me withdraw funds from my trading account. Later that evening he got Oliver (some DowJones specialist to ring me spouting about a news trade that would have minimal risk and could make $3000. I...
  16. J

    UFX markets not possible to withdraw fund

    I started trading with ufx markets unfortunately, when I came to know they are trying to playing with my account and making me bankrupt I tried to withdraw my money, Still I can't withdraw because they are telling lame excuses and not possible to withdraw. friends could anyone can help me to...
  17. A

    UFX Markets Never pay you back

    I have logged to UFX Markets website on March 21, 2012 checking it out and registered for a demo account. Next day their sales rep contacted me and convinced me to open a live account and that will allow me having an account manager advising me on trades, and I agreed to deposit US$ 1,000 and...
  18. athenafx

    IHForex - UFXbank : Same team ?

    Many of you know various stories about those 2 companies. For your information, IHForex claims to have headquarters in Switzerland. However they are not registered and the Swiss financial market supervisory authority (FINMA) put them on black list. check this : FINMA - Details...
  19. G

    UFX Bank - Resolved

    I have been trying to get money back from this company since December 2011. I have filed 2 withdrawal requests forms and I am ignored. I have sent emails to my account manager with no response. What else can I do? Garth
  20. mteodora

    UFXmarkets - withdrawal from deposit problem

    It seems to be a scam: in their terms and conditions there is a term of "3-5 days for withdrawal" . My withdrawal from deposit delayed for another week without any explanation - the customer client chat is just useless and account manager doesn't answer the phone: You are now chatting with...