Uranus Investment Group is scam broker www.uranus-ig.com

Dear all dont work with uranus its a scam broker ,i just check on there info and i look deep in it they are not even financial broker ( The registered agent of Uranus Investment Group, Ltd. on Seychelles is SFM ltd. The legal address of the company is: unit 117, Orion Mall Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles) Offshore Company Registration - Incorporation Offshore Companies | SFM Offshore and they dont have office in seychelles its just meta trader system , i check with one of people how work with them they said they will give you bouns and you will never take your money unless you hit the number of lots and if you start wining they will not let you take your capital or any thing just the money go in to there account and you will never take it from them :mad:
guys be carefull from them .


Most brokers offering bonuses have all sorts of strings attached. Traders need to read those terms before depositing.

I'm waiting to see what happens to someone who didn't take the bonus when they try to withdraw from this broker.
belive me there is many clients without bouns and they didnt take there money at all let forex peace army open account with them then you will now what im saying UFX markets and Uranus is the same


If you know some of those clients, ask them to leave reviews and start threads here in Scam Alerts.

What evidence do you have linking Uranus-IG and UFX?
what about a emil from the accounting that send to the client that they cant have there money unless they do the numbers of lot and when you trade with them to win you will never go out with profit there is shot screen ill let one of the clients send it to me .


Uranus is a real cheater. I lost lots of money with them. They even have complaints against them.

Guys beaware.