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Problem Valley Tech Spec Limited

I am having an issue with a company
Same story as mine. Did you lose money? I am thinking of filing a lawsuit against MT5 and GoDaddy that hosts this malicious website, if you have had a financial loss, please, we will join forces to try to recover our loss.
yes, if we are more people complaining this we can achieve justice i guess for those who have been scammed lets gather together
Personally I think, noone is giving anything free in this life. Be sensible with 2 things in your life- mouth and your wallet
yes, if we are more people complaining this we can achieve justice i guess for those who have been scammed lets gather together

I am looking for my rights with my lawyers and authorities in my country, I think it is very interesting that we share this information.
Yes, I do believe if we give more pressures to authority, they will come out with some sort of regulations like the banks. Make this as popular as the Nigerian Scams.
Parece que já existe um grupo de ameaças se reunido, alguém sabe disso, estou muito ansioso para definir estratégias e frentes de batalhas. Como eu disse, para muita gente isso pode ser pouco dinheiro, mas foi a minha vida embora, e eu não vou desistir até a última conseqüência, não tenho muito mais parder.
It seems that there is already a group of threats gathered, someone knows that, I am very anxious to define strategies and fronts for battles. As I said, for many people this may be little money, but it was my life, and I will not give up until the last consequence, I do not have much more money.
Yes, I got in touch, however, so far without an answer. Due to the delay, I also contacted Google Play to get in touch, but so far this alleged broker remains on the air, causing more debt and distributing more lives like mine.
Valley tech being difficult not letting me withdraw the money. Its still in the trading account