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dears,you know time is money and im working part time (forex), so i have no time to analyse the chart using complicated principles such as elliot wave .i wish i had time to read all info related .there is a rule in forex says (follow the elephent )which means follow the banks as they do and follow them .this is why i advice all of you to test the technical trading page of banks . this is free every day they realisethis page at 8:02 (CET) ... i trust a nother trading bank which have a nother strategy ...lets continue anlaysing that pages on the forum which is really valuable ...if most of you are intersted i will post all necessary info tommorow really tired and i have to sleep ...thanks tones for all subscribers for their honesty ..i feel this forum is private and we should work as a team to fight this hazardous market :D


Hi Adelaabh...
i will appreciate it if you can give me more info how bank do trade the forex, i am new to forex ,but i wouldn; call myself a beginner, i just have a lot to learn. hope to hear from you wen you wake up.

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I too am somewhat new to forex. This technical analysis of banks seems interesting considering banks are the market.

adelababneh--would you mind sharing some links of where we can take a look at this info?



hi adelababneh

hi adelababneh , i would like to have some information about the trades the banks make, and where can i check them out. Some links will be helpful, thanks

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secret info?

This better not be spam or some scam website....are you going to share some information on this thread, or just link to another URL?