What happens if I post ads in the wrong place?

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What happens if I post ads in the wrong place?

The Forex Peace Army is more generous than many forex forums in providing places where advertisements can be posted without restriction or cost. Posting ads or promoting companies in other areas of the forums is considered to be spam. Spamming the Forex Peace Army forums is a sure way to get to meet Spam Cat.


Spam Cat never sleeps. Spam Cat is always hungry. Spam Cat has no mercy.

Spam Cat doesn’t care how great your company or product is. If you spam, you are nothing but cat food.

After Spam Cat has eaten you, your username, email address, and IP address will be reported to Spam-O-Matic and StopForumSpam.com. This will make it harder for you to spam other forums which subscribe to these services.

If Spam Cat doesn't like your spam, it can disappear from public view, often before anyone else ever sees it. If Spam Cat finds you tasty enough, your edited spam may be left in place. If Spam Cat likes your spam enough to puke up a hairball or two, the edited spam posts may be permanently enshrined in the Spammers Hall of Shame.

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