White Label Severs MT4 SCAM (real accounts)


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Hey guys

Thought this should be brought up. And as many forex traders should be made aware of this as possible.
But there is this video going around the internet talking about "White label severs" Metaquotes has taken it down more than three times.....
Now I wouldn't bore you with all the details, but basically if you pay like 5k-10k you can have your own MT4 server.

And you can make DEMO and REAL accounts. And you can change any details to the accounts deposits, withdraws, profits, and losses,
This is incredibly dangerous and be used to cheat people into thinking someone has a good trading record. But truth is they just got a White label sever. And they just typed in the results they wanted. Also the person can connect the account to any third party website. Like Myfxbook, FXBlue, or even FPA..... :oops:

And they can have it look as if it's a real, Live broker Like ICmarkets, FXopen, Forex.com etc it works with all of them.

I really think you guys should have a look. @Pharaoh can you have a look as well, and give your option because this is incredibly worrying.
(Can someone PM Pharaoh if he doesn't see it)

If I'm wrong here then great. I hope I'm wrong, or late, or maybe I have outdated information. But a quick google of "white label severs MT4" and you will see haft dozen websites offering this service rite now.

Youtube Video

Instagram Part2 video


I find this VERY disturbing. Using this, even taking a quick look under the hood with an investor login won't give away the cheating.

I saw your PM. I'll be sending you a few questions.