www.binaryswiss.com, www.sparkmarkets.com


I am certain now that binaryswiss and sparkmarkets are scams. They told me they merged.
They scammed me out of $95,0000 AUD (45,000 EUROS).

I am unable to log into my account nor request a withdraw. I have spent the better part of 2016 -2017 contacting them via email and skype with no success. There was 1 or 2 emails saying that they will contact me soon but that dated back 6-9 months ago. They cannot be contacted via phone and email.

Since then , binaryswiss.com has timed out but the parent company sparkmarkets.com has remained. Basically, am i unable to access account to trade with or withdraw . When i was able to access my account they would ALWAYS make an excuse for refusing my withdraw or telling me my trading balance.

Locking someone out of their account and placing trades without my consent is a violations of their own terms and conditions.

The alias they will use is JOHH EVERHARD, please do not listen is this guy. He and his company will take your money and you'll never get it back.

I will be opening a court case for a full story.
Please send an email to every address you can find for the company. Include the link to this thread and invite the to come and join the discussion.
Now things are looking bad, i got Delivery Status Notification (Failure) on all BinarySwiss email account 3 days later. The accounts were disabled.
This is looking like a set up. Also, i made a account with sparkmarkets and it looks exactly the same as BinarySwiss platform. What's to stop these bastards constantly changing businesses . This is all in Estonia , looking from the business register .
I do have the bank account details of deposits would it be worth while pursuing those areas.