YouTradeFx | A new company or a recycled one?


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I've been appointed by YouTradeFX to represent the company in the forex peace army forums to help any traders who have any questions.

YouTradeFX is a regulated broker with 120 employees in 5 branches. The 5th branch was recently purchased and it is an ASIC (Australia) regulated company called You Trade Capital Markets.

We are currently in the process of being regulated by the FSA and already abide to their guidelines.

We are not a recycled company and the only relationship we have with other brokers is that we purchased their technical infrastructure at a bargain price and that one of the current major shareholder was once a silent shareholder of another forex company where he lost all his investment due to failing management and lack of knowledge.

Some of the salesmen left these other companies when they recognized the opportunities that YouTradeFX had to offer especially when compared to the other companies they had worked with in the past.

The CEO & Major Shareholder both abide to the guidelines of the FSA and run a company that has nothing to do with any other brokers mentioned in this thread. On a personal note I'd like to say that I am proud to work for them and say that I am a part of YouTradeFX that is soon to be listed as a public company.

My main goal here in this respectable forum is to tend to any issues that arise with our clients and to answer any questions that traders may have regarding our company.

The FPA together with F-Man of 4xangels are currently looking into the claims that there is a link between YouTradeFX & other companies. I intend on cooperating 100% with them and I would like to thank them for giving me a chance to prove what our company is all about.

2-3 weeks ago I started looking into issues that traders reported in these forums and the representatives of Forex Peace Army can testify to the fact that I have sincerely helped each of the traders to solve their issues. They have also helped me in my attempt to seek out these traders and solve their issues.

Furthermore, I'd like all traders to know that I am available at:

Contact me at that email if you have any questions at all.

Admit that you are working with SCAM COMPANY.