banc de binary

  1. B

    BDB/OFM Gambrione class action

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a due date to sign up for the Gambrione class action against BDB/OFM? I heard it was this friday but I'm not sure if I heard it correctly ! Much appreciated if someone could pls tell me.
  2. A

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  3. L

    Banc De Binary scam

    Hi I hope you can help us with this issue I am dealing with David Myers and Thomas Villa at Banc De Binary but with no success. We are trying to get back our hard earned savings. We are both retired and invested our lifetime savings in our ignorance. We were just responding to an...
  4. M

    Banc de Binary problems

    Hi, I joined BDB (Banc de Binary) back in March. Deposited 20,000$ USD under recommendation of a broker ZR. Managed to win 46% of my trades, pretty well on my own to start. ZR really pressured me into putting another 10,000$ in early April. Quickly made three 1,000 USD trades that lost very...
  5. I

    BancDeBinary is a scam

    Two points. One:Without my permission they deposited $750 into the account just after I agreed to be with a senior trade. This deposit even did not pass a email on deposit success notification. Two:Impeding me from withdrawl. Every time I asked the responsible to help me withdraw my money...
  6. W

    Banc de binary, bad trader advicers

    i started trading with BDB, after a account manager called me and told me he knew how to make profit. we started trading , and the trades he adviced , was not bank management orientated, and most of all the trades he and his vip college recommended me to take was ending up in loosing trades...
  7. K

    Banc de Binary: Is it a scam? and Is there a way out?

    Dear all: I joined Banc de Binary in late April at the suggestion of a friend. He was working with a broker who seemed to know a lot about Binary Options, was a "senior account manager" with a lot of experience, and who always sent out really good signals that were mostly winners. I saw all...
  8. robweis1

    Banc de Binary

    A representative contact me that I should increase my account to $10,000.00. I explained to him what I explained to my account manager. I recently lost my leg and I cannot put anymore money into the account except the original amount that I had saved and put in. When I looked at my bank...
  9. K

    Banc de Binary Problems with money withdrawal

    ello Here is my short story of copperation with BDB .This text is also a part of formal complaint that I have filled on CYSEC page . I also warned BDB that if they do not resolve the withdrawal issue I will authorize my lawyer to undertake any legal action incliding criminal charges I placed...
  10. D

    BANCDEBINARY is scam - Stay away from this broker

    Hello, I have openned an account with BancdeBianry, deposited $250 and traded. Had some loss. Then I decided to withdraw my remaining $244 from my account on Jan 16th 2014. My account manager who always encouraged me to deposit more told that it would take 2-3 days. But now is 10 days and I...
  11. W

    Banc De Binary

    Do not deposit any money with this fraudulent company. They are made out to be the best trading company for binary options. They are no better than anyone else BUT worse when you ask for your deposit back, i.e. close the account and refund my money. All the excuses in the world start...
  12. L

    Banc de Binary Criminal Activity

    I looked in the internet for a reliable forex firm but unfortunately fell into wrong hands. Some Peter Griffin from Banc de Binary called me and convinced me to invest with them since July 17. After spending nearly 4 months concentrated on growing my account, they repeatedly refused last week to...
  13. Haazen

    Initiating class action against BDB/OFM. Anyone welcome!

    We are 9 FPA members who have initiated a class action against BDB/OFM with strong ambition and good methods. We have come far. We will launch our case in court within 2-3 weeks. Compared to Giambrone and Rebecka at Winchargeback the cost for joining our case is very low! Simply because we...
  14. AsstModerator

    Gabriel Giambrone travels to Israel for a Joint Venture with an Israeli law firm for BDB lawsuit

    This press release is from Giambrone Law... Gabriele Giambrone travels to Israel to seal a Joint Venture with an Israeli law firm to facilitate the Banc de Binary Class Action For immediate release 31 January 2017 Gabriele Giambrone travels to Israel to seal a...
  15. AsstModerator

    Banc de Binary is Closing Down. End of a Scam?

    Banc de Binary is Closing Down End of a Scam? One of the oldest and biggest binary scam sites is closing down. There was already an announcement on FInance Magnates, but I was waiting for confirmation. Now I have confirmation of Banc de Binary's impending closure from 2 separate reliable...
  16. A

    Another victim of the Banc de Binary Scammers

    Hello, Thank you everyone for sharing your stories on BdB.. At first I've been feeling sick to my stomach from having lost so much money in the recent months. But now that I've come across this community, I'm glad for the support I've been reading from everyone around the world. Very...
  17. nav_04

    Banc de Binary misrepresentation

    Hello all, I cannot believe the amount of similar stories i have seen on here that resonates with my own experience from banc de binary last week. I have lost £4000, 60% of my capital in ONE trading session. Likewise with all the other posts on FPA, they pressurised me into ' recouping the...
  18. F

    Banc de binary is a scam

    They pressured me to deposit huge amounts of money and even asked me to go to the bank for a loan under the pretence I will double the money in no time. First 2 weeks they gave me very good trades and the account doubled. After that it was just going down until it was almost zero. They also...
  19. D

    Banc De Binary scammed me.

    BancDeBinary is not to be used folks. they lure me into depositing a big amount and then lost it all in a matter of minutes with just few bad bets and then they sent me an email telling me i was not treated professionally but once their agent call me about it all he wanted was more money with...
  20. C

    Lost all Money dealing with Bank de Binary

    Hi Guys They have the guy to ring later with a new guy who is ‘senior and better’ than the guy who lost your money, suggesting they can get everything back that was lost and then some. Of course they need you to put in another deposit…and again… and again. I don’t believe they put your money in...