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    HFX withdrawal ...

    Dear Gent I make my account with HFX .. and make deposit total 2000 USD now I have around 3800 USD . I request WD only 1600 USD... Since 6 days no one response me... what I shall do? please help.
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    hfx.com theft my money by zeroing my balance

    hi ... I was trading with hfx.com they theft my money they zeroing my account they theft my money more than $1600 My balance move to zero by them because I didn't do what they want They want me to add more money what to do... when I contact them they send me to the same person who...
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    HFX Scam

    I got a call from someone in this company named Usama where he introduced himself and conviced me to deposit money. Then someone named Shadly started to call me. he said that if i deposit 1000$ he will give me 300$ as a bonus and we trade with this amount and if i loose the 300$ i will withdraw...
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    Beware of HFX , my account was wiped out in an hour because I wanted to withdraw my funds
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    Hi all, yes, another one screwed by hfx. They have my money and I can not get the bastards to give it back. I live in South Africa but if need be I will fly to London to make a case. Can anyone give me some advice? They are not regulated so the fca can not do much else but investigate at this...
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    Hfx..... Stay away

    Dear All, Stay away from HFX broker, i have lost 24,000 $ in a very professional way. first i have deposited 2000 $ as a start, but they really convinced me to upgrade my account to 10,000 $ in order to have VIP account, with very low spread, and also in order to tell me about the opportunities...
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    HFX robbed me

    My Story with HFX.com After coming across this forum, and clearly is one that is heavily look at by all forex traders, i would like to share my side of my catastrophic story with HFX.com My story with them started exactly on 20th january, 2013 where i received a call from someone who...
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    My HFX Problem

    Hi My Name is Turki Alayyash and this is my encounter with this company: My beginning with the company(HFX) was with one of the swindlers when I found an advertisement of the company. I registered and received a call from a person named (Bassam Abdul Karim). Of course, this quorum left the...
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    I need help on investigating this company of possible fraud.
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    HFX my withdrawal

    HFX my withdrawal - SCAM ?? Hello, I am not having return of my withdrawal request. I sent a second request today (11/out/11) in the hope of being met. The email was sent to "support@hfx.com" followed the guidelines of the site. The deadline for withdrawal is 5 days. The...
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    HFX scam

    Where to report Hfx.com i have some "nice" chat emails me and them talking . They give "free" 100$ at start , but they dont tell that after you use them 15 days you have to deposit your 100$ , and to use the 100$ bonus that you earned you have to deposit another 200$ and trade them 3 months ...