1. A

    Icmarkets.com or Icmarkets.au International Capital Markets PTY ltd.

    Hello i hope we can end this nonsense of this broker, I have solid evidence these guys are a scam funnily they risked this while being regulated and have gone to the extend to delete my trade log which is beyond illegal in this business but being in this business for 7 years we all know about...
  2. liam9587

    IC Market Scam Alert!!!

    This morning I woke up with my account been blown off overnight out of my watch. Then I had a live chat, and here is what their response: So the excuse they give is because the French election is coming and leverage has been dropped. The time I had this conversation is 6.30am UTC +7 Friday...
  3. J


    I have deposit by Skrill(USD). For a trader like me it is normal to withdraw by the way same as Deposit, but by the time I wanted to withdraw my money they told me the only way is by Credit/bank-wire. My bank account and credit card is in AUD, so there would be exchange fee(from USD to AUD)...
  4. S

    IC Markets SCAM

    Don't open an account with IC Markets, they don't honor withdrawal requests, i have submitted a withdrawal request one week ago but they refused to send me my money, do you know guys where i can file a complain?
  5. M

    ITrade Capital Markets: Funds Kept, Account Zeroed, Fraud

    This is a personal warning to everybody in this forum to bring a fraud case involving ITrade Capital Markets to your atttention. I have two accounts with ICM and even was an IB for them and sent a withdrawal Request to them a week ago. After many emails, chats and excuses (which i have all...
  6. L

    IC Markets scammed me today

    I would like to file this case. I have an account with IC Markets. I was selling De30 from 11468, sl at 11500 from Friday last week which is Dec 31st. Jan 2nd they were closed while other brokers like pepperstones was opened . So i couldn't tp the order. Last night at Frankfurt closing time...
  7. E

    Problem Swindlers ICMARKETS.com

    Have a nice day. Opened the account in this company and I started trading. I gained $11 000. I put money for a conclusion and to me at once blocked the account and nullified a sredv in a private office. Sent any clear charges. I asked to provide proofs in of what they accuse me. They told that...
  8. RahmanSL

    Problem Crunch time! My case with ICMarkets

    I and my team (yes, I actually have 2 of my staffs working on this too) have been working on & compiling a report to submit to “relevant authorities” concerning my case with ICMarkets. BUT, before we do that, I would like to run a couple of our key facts through FPA members for their opinion...
  9. TradexTrader

    IC Markets refuses to pay my profits

    - I started trading in March 2015 - I used a scalping EA - I lost half of my account in a few days - I managed to recover and then progressively achieved profits of about 105k by the 8th of May (more than half was made on the 8th of May - NFP day) -IC Markets closed my account on that...
  10. R

    RESOLVED - IC Markets scams and provides terrible support! Let's start collective action against ICM

    Here is my situation: I’ve lost 424 US dollars during Non-farm payroll on 05.06.2015 since my order was autoclosed in 1 ms after opening (My order (buy USDJPY, at amount 1.70 with deposit 718.8$) was opened at 15:30:01.514 at a price 125.310 and then automatically closed at 15:30:02 at a price...
  11. J

    Ic markets problem with stops

    IMPORTANT: I DON'T CONSIDER IC MARKETS AS SCAMS JUST WANT TO KNOW MORE OPINION BECAUSE THIS HAPPENED WITH ME FOR THE FIRST TIME AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK AND HOW TO PROCEED I want to put this post because what happened to me with IC Markets not happened to me before. Overall I am happy...
  12. Z

    RESOLVED | Please, need help with IC Markets

    Hello, I need your help solving one problem. I think my problem is really technical issue. So, to begin with I traded EUR/USD currency pair order 3335451 with Sell stop. I put my Price at 1.08604, Stop loss at 1.08804. However my order was executed (triggered Sell stop) even if the actual...
  13. P

    NOT GUILTY PER REGULATOR Case# 2015-004 | psunardi vs icmarkets.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.icmarkets.com My Case is: I suspect icmarket is a scammer by manipulation price to wipe out my account . It happened exactly at 05-12-2014 15:30 .at that moment 15:29 I saw the price chf / jpy fell to 123 400 and...
  14. P

    Problem ic market is bucket shop & scammer broker

    I did leave them a bad review here ICMarkets because i found , icmarket is a bucket shop broker 1 They trade again you and wipe out your account using price that did not exist in their mt 4 graph. 2 they have 2 server that display different price at the same time ( one in hongkong dc...
  15. A

    Discuss ICMarkets.com (International Capital Markets)

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  16. J

    Info Does anybody know about IC Markets

    I cannot find any reviews for IC Markets. Does anybody out there know anything about them? Ty.