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Discuss ICMarkets.com (International Capital Markets)

General discussions of a financial company
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Hey i was looking at joining IC Markets.... what do these pictures mean?
Also have you had any experience with them good or bad?

Today I installed an EA on my IC Markets True ECN platform. I will share my results shortly, I am really excited.
thats great that your pretty happy with them... I have been using the demo account with an EA and have been quite satisfied thus far... there are a good number of great reviews about them... so will take the plunge and open an account with them...

Thanks sassysandra for your reply
I have been trading with them for 3 months now now and I am pretty happy. Their deposit and withdrawal times are fast and their Metatrader 4 platform is Awesome with the pre installed one-clicker module. The spreads are also the best in Australia, you can see this on FX Intelligence | Your Source for Forex Broker Comparisons

Highly recommended broker, from me anyway !!

Now nearly six (6) months on, any more "happy news" with regards to trading with this broker???
i have been using a demo account with them and i am very happy, i plan to open a real account very soon but i also would like some info about IC Markets by someone reliable with a live account.
I'd ultimately decided to initiate an IB agreement with IC Markets after thoroughly researching this brokerage, and their trade environment. As far as I was able to determine, they offer the best overall trade environment in the retail Forex space so far as fund security, regulatory oversight, slippage, execution speed and spread go (doubly true for the EUR/USD and certain JPY pairs). Highly recommended.

As an IB though I certainly do not expect you to take my word for it for obvious reasons. Investigate IC Market's live and historic spreads at MyFXBook (including commission), and see how they compare to other brokers here:

Spreads | Myfxbook (note that with the following agreement, the IC Markets commission per round lot will be $1.55 or 22.14% lower).

I also encourage you to consult the following threads and reviews:

FPA Reviews: IC Markets | International Capital Markets | ICMarkets.com.au reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army

100 Forex Broker Reviews: http://www.100forexbrokers.com/reviews-ratings/icmarkets

Donna Forex Thread: http://www.donnaforex.com/forum/index.php?topic=5761.0

MyFXBook Spreads: http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-spreads

That all said, I've managed to get my referrals a $1.55 / RTL rebate for their ECN accounts with IC Markets; this is presently the highest rebate rate thus far offered by any IB for ICM to the best of my knowledge. Rebates will be discounted from the cost of your commission in real time (reducing them to $5.45 / RTL down from $7.00 / RTL). As an alternative you can request customer service provide these rebates to you in the form of cash credits that can be withdrawn to any of your trading accounts with ICM.

For those who are interested in signing up with me, please use the following link to set up a new trading account:


I'd like to emphasize the importance of confirming your IB enrolment by sending an e-mail to accounts@icmarkets.com and to ICMRebates@gmail.com with the account numbers you wish to be enrolled under my IB (its name is Kyle Cancilla). This is easily the best, most reliable way to ensure that you get your rebates.

Lastly, if your rebates are somehow not being properly processed, you may also contact me at that e-mail with your name and IC Markets account number, and I will investigate the matter on your behalf.

Definitely let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

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They claim to have tight spreads that go to a maximum of +- 1.5 something pips (check at their spreads list on their website do they mention that we may get to 40 pips? what are they dealing desk market makers or what? ) look at the following spreads during some volatility at midnight. Imagine you have an opened position and you want to close with a profit of 15 - 35 pips the time of thet pick in price ....your are in loss...the extreme widening of spread has taken this CHANCE....this pictures where captured (thanks GOD there is technology to put things in transparency here!), while I had the aim as I can recall to close one of these times a position but I didn't as prohibitted by the wide spread....Nothing to say more one image =1000 words take a look at the following link at jumpshare.com/b/3JA9uPQawgqrxWkjp9bK....nothing to say about swaps....check also the price difference between bar chart and and mini terminal........YOU JUDGE!!!!!


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