1. B

    Normally market gaps are profitable if you on a right side but with gaps are only benefiting the broker.. this morning crude oil price hit a big jump going up and i was holding buy positions and when market closes for a weekend my account was healthy though i was holding a loss and...
  2. R withdrawal problems

    When I opened my account with they specifically mentioned that any withdrawals may be deposited only to the same account used to fund the account. I sent a withdrawal request to remove all funds and requested that it go back into my credit card. They are refusing to put all the money...
  3. A Scammers

    hello.. I was using from 2 months i think . i really loved that trading platform . when forex market closed on Friday NATURAL GAS'S price was at "2.850" that time i had two position opened for Natural Gas "i had bought NATURAL GAS" and i was in loss that's okay. But then on...
  4. S Scam

    I opened a trading account with on 12/12/2016, My trading account No. mk1162914. I submitted my passport and utility bill for the verification, and my account got fully verified. After that I deposited 100 USD and start trading and got profit over 350 USD. But suddenly they email me...
  5. M

    Electronic Trading Case with

    I’ve been trading with and have faced an issue which I want to know if what I have faced is normal or I should raise a case. I’ve placed few oil trades and the trades were on open position. I have found out that my original price position was modified. I then contacted the...
  6. Trader1_NO (Safecap Investments Ltd)

    I opened an account at since I am an Norwegian citizen and seems trying to be among the more famous brokers trying to enter the Norwegian trading market. Others that have had advertising on television and trying to enter the market in 2015 includes IG, CMC and Plus500...
  7. F problem

    Hello there, I have opened an account with 3 weeks ago, after 1 week in have reached the minimum trading volume for the bonus ,so I was able theoretically to whitdraw the money,but I decided to deposit the minimum amount requiered,to trade some more,safely with no bonus schemes...
  8. koka1

    Warning scam MARKETS.COM,

  9. F doesn't want to pay, says: off-market prices?

    Hi all, sorry for my English .. My case is that the 16th of December buy EUR / RUR, USA / RUR, and there was a grade rise in the market which wins € 300 € 2500 and now tells me that the market estava off the market .. it may be that someone could help me? First Email: 22 de...
  10. S

    Started by

    Started by Horrible experience, I lost $.31,000/- for not funding my account. I had 2 sell positions of USDRUB, having total lot of 2.20. Ruble depreciated heavily on 30/10/2014. I was very well known in advance of the movement of USDRUB from some other web-sites. I got margin...
  11. M

    RESOLVED Case# 2013-054 | Monjed Alqenaei vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I am client of this company since 2011, everything was ok as long I lost. I made some good deals the past months then all problems started: 1. Islamic account- they canceled it without even...
  12. M

    Resolved - (safecap) scamming me!!

    I am client of this company since 2011, everything was ok as long I lost. I made some good deals the past months then all problems started: 1. Islamic account- they canceled it without even notifying and charged me interests saying if you trade EA you can't have islamic. Please note this "term"...
  13. P

    Resolved - My horrible experience with

    I would like to share my most unpleasant experience with with other members. On the 18th of March 2013, the day that Cyprus had major banking problems, was having serious problems with their their computers and trading platforms. I opened 3 positions in the morning. After...
  14. wsparcie22

    I call upon the debtor company Safecap Investments Ltd.

  15. C

    Problem Fraud or Scam

    Testing Hi every1 at FPA, A very happy New Year to every1. Bye all
  16. A

    Discuss (SafeCap Investments Limited)

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