I call upon the debtor company Safecap Investments Ltd.

I think this forum is censored in accordance with the wishes of investment firms. published here do not make sense. Safecap is good

Moderation Note: Wsparcie22 claims censorship because he was not allowed to hijack other people's threads. Some of his posts were moved back to this thread and some duplicate posts were deleted. He he found it upsetting that he couldn't blend his complaint with other complaints about Markets.com/SafeCap Investments.

Wsparcie22 was repeatedly told that his efforts were harming the ability of other traders to have their issues resolved. This conflicted with his view that what he wants is is the most important thing and the needs of other traders should be ignored to serve him.

If the FPA "censored" things in the way wsparcie22 thinks, this thread and the other threads about Markets.com would not exist.

All of his posts will now be moved to this thread.
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I call upon the debtor company Safecap Investments Ltd. (the directors on Poland and solicitor at the same time working for Safecap and to April 2012 for English financial supervision FSA)

owner markets.com
owner affilate.markets.com
owner partners.markets.com
owner globtrex.com
owner trade.com
owner ecmarkets.com
owner goforex.com
owner finexo.com
owner forexyard.com
owner topoption.com

present in Poland (notified under Polish Financial Supervision Authority), the branch website: markets.com/pl, conducted in Warsaw by Safecap Investments (Poland) Sp. z oo, and by site: trade.com/pl, represented in Poland by the agent Felson (from 12 April 2012)

- The immediate implementation of canceled contracts made by the customer, and to immediately refund consumers misappropriated by deceit, abandonment obligation to provide information and fraud involving contracts made by the directors of the company and its representative Marcin P.

Warsaw, March 8, 2013.
J. Zinczuk
Cysec doesn't usually respond to individual clients. Just make sure to send them all the available information. If you can get someone to professionally translate everything into Greek, that would help Cysec's investigators.

I see you mentioned a branch of SafeCap in the UK closing. What's going to be critical to any case is which branch of the company the money was sent to. If it was in the UK, and if that branch was covered by the FSA, it's worth filing a complaint there.

Since there's a director of the Polish branch, you may want to have a chat with the fraud department of the Polish national police.

Considering the amounts of money you've described, checking out lawyers for a civil suit is another option to consider.