I call upon the debtor company Safecap Investments Ltd.

Seems like that as they are scam heaven,so therfore this information should be pass to others,any way they have a bad name and repution,it's a commun knowlege.
As I saw from them so far, they reply only to what they feel convenient to reply.
There are few open cases, I hope they will take this more seriously

The FPA was very mean to wsparcier22 for asking him to follow the rules that other forum members are expected to abide by. Doing this to most of his posts was his way to take his ball and go home.
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English branches of the company were closed by Safecap

SAFECAP INVESTMENTS LIMITED Company Number BR016018 Status Converted _ Closed.png2013.01.30 - likwidacja Safecap(Anglia) - SAFECAP INVESTMENTS LIMITED - (Company Number FC030956.png
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
They are also regulated by the fca did you complain to them also,very hard to trak the source of those scames ,Eddigar do you have any clue?
I do not know whether Safecap is still authorized in the UK
Both English branches of the company were closed by Safecap December 18, 2012 year.
Company Number FC030956 Status Converted / Closed
Company Number BR016018 Status Converted / Closed
Activity is still a branch in Gibraltar
Company Number 104956 Company Type PART XIV REGISTRATION (BRANCH) Jurisdiction Gibraltar