doesn't want to pay, says: off-market prices?


Hi all, sorry for my English .. My case is that the 16th of December buy EUR / RUR, USA / RUR, and there was a grade rise in the market which wins € 300 € 2500 and now tells me that the market estava off the market .. it may be that someone could help me?

First Email:
22 de dic.

RE: Account Under Investigation

In reference to the aforementioned subject and regarding your trading account № 3179000, which was opened in Online Forex & CFD Trading|Trade Currencies, Gold, Oil and Major Indices on 15-12-2014 (the “Account”), we, Safecap Investments Limited (the “Company”) would like you to note the following:
Please be informed that in accordance with our Company's internal policy and applicable Laws and Regulations, our Verification Department temporarily has frozen your account.

In particular according to paragraph 16 “Rights on Default”, in case the Company in its absolute discretion determines that a client has not performed any of their obligations to it, is entitled without prior notice, to suspend out the account the client maintains with the Company.
The above is sent without any prejudice to the Company’s rights which are all hereby expressly reserved.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Kind Regards,

Second Email:

23 de dic.

Thank you for choosing
In reference to the aforementioned subject, and in regards to the recent withdrawal request that you have submitted on December16th, 2014 (the “Withdrawal Request”) from your trading account number 3179000 with (the “Trading Account”), please note the following:

Upon receiving your Withdrawal Request we noticed an error on the executed trades performed during December 16th, 2014 upon the EUR/RUB and USD/RUB instruments. For that reason, we began an investigation in conjunction with our feed and liquidity provider and confirmed that the prices were indeed opened on off-market prices.

Taking into consideration the fact that the relevant quotation at which trades were opened was erroneous as they were opened at off-market prices and the rights conferred to the Company in conjunction to its Terms and Conditions, the Company has to consider void all transactions effected by you upon the financial instruments in question. Therefore, we are unable to process the submitted Withdrawal Request.
Should you have any queries in regard to the above please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support via email, phone or chat.
We remain at your disposal should you require any clarifications.



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SCAM, if trade was executed at their venue then it is executed, usual unethical bucketshop practice to blaim trader for broker's unsuccessful market making business, I wish EU regulators follow USA practice sooner and prohibit this practice
First, start your own thread here in Scam Alerts.
Then, email a link t your thread to the broker and politely ask them to come here and join the conversation.