1PipFix @ InvestTechfx


1PipFix @ InvestTechfx holding my money

On Nov.30th I made a deposit of 200USD to my trading account using Paypal.
The transaction was not instant. I had to email them everyday asking why my account was not credited yet?

After 4 days waiting and emailing I was told that they had found my money.

Instead of crediting my trading account they decided to refund me the money but with 1 condition.

I must ask FPA to remove all bad reviews that I had made about them inside "Forex Brokers Reviews" page.

Please help me to get back my money from 1PipFix@InvestTechfx :unhappy:
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Tell them you'll be happy to leave a followup review about how they solved your problem, AFTER the money arrives.

Demanding reviews come down before sending money that's OWED to you strikes me as blackmail.
Or you can just delete your comment, get your money back and then write another one. But I'm not sure if speaking of that in public is a good idea, obviously they can read this
Yes Master Sergeant...
I have emailed them telling the same thing. The email was CCed to FPA.

I'll wait for their reply :err:

Thank you..thank you... thank you FPA :D
You guys are really awesome
I got my money back.

Thanks a million to Master Sergeant and the whole FPA gang;)
Don't forget our very own AsstModerator - he sent me a copy of the note he sent to the broker. I think they didn't like the possible consequences he laid out for them.
1PIP has not been with investech for a long time now.

Though the umbrella company, which is one & the same has presented problems to traders & unwilling to prove or discuss matters