2010 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Winners

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2010 Forex Broker
Scam of the Year Winners

This year's nominees made the decision very difficult.

4th place was a tie between ATCTFX and BForex.

Only one more vote pushed OneCorpFx into 3rd place. The owner of that company finally contacted me back around Christmas and kept trying to blame the liquidity provider. When I missed replying to one of his messages that came in on December 27th, he waited over a month and then threw a temper tantrum since the FPA hadn't cleared his name. What little evidence he gave came no where close to proving his claims.

One vote above that but the megascammers at SigmaForex into second place. I'm proud that the FPA helped to get some money back for some clients before helping to drive these criminals out of business. Be very careful out there. These criminals are probably already running a new brokerage and are just waiting to stop paying clients.

And last, but definitely not least, the broker with the most votes and undisputed winner of the 2010 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Award is...

aka ForInvest Group

Their claims to infamy include falsely claiming to have won a 2009 Broker of the Year award, but could never tell anyone where they got it from. They also created several fake accounts to try to promote themselves inside the FPA's forums. One person who admitted being a company representative publicly admitted preventing a client from being able to close a position that was going against him.

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You can also tell everyone about your good broker experiences here.

Reviews for ForInvests.net

Article about FPA Scam Finding against ForInvests

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Well, well, well....that broker finally won an award which they can legitimately lay claim to and which they most certainly deserve...even though it's not the type of award that any broker would want!

Congratulation ForInvest for a most deserved award!...clap-clap-clap!

I've been posting on some forums about these guys trying to warn everyone about the scammers. You can find my postings on donnaforex and Worldwide Invest Forums about my experience with those scum buckets along with evidence of their fraudulent activities as well as outright theft.

I hope a lawyer reads my warning posts and opens an account with them and sues them for everything or criminally prosecutes them.
They deserve it.

Thanx FPA!
Broker Scame Of The Year

Great deal! Sergeant, I think is not what they want but what they genuinely deserve. Dont you think if they are given Best Broker of the Year Award, they will not collect it? Certainly they will.
2010 Good Forex dealers

Is thee a similar list for the GOOD BROKERS?/ This would be a great help in decision making to subscribe.
Thanks, nadir
Can there be a scammer worse than taking off with all of your money? That's what "The three wisemen" did. I opened an account and now they can not be found. Is there hope of recovering any of my money?
ForInvest offline

Seems like ForInvest went offline, both web and trading servers, mail is routed back to senders. What about traders' money?
forinvests.net looks like it's online right now.

From what I've seen, any money placed with them is deposit only, so it doesn't matter if the website is up or down. Either way, they keep the money.
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