AA Option holding funds

They may be about to pull a disappearing act. Try to access their live chat from a friend's computer or call from a different number in case they are just blocking you.
They may be about to pull a disappearing act. Try to access their live chat from a friend's computer or call from a different number in case they are just blocking you.
I have tried with a friends computer I didn't log in it's still the same you can only call one number from Australia my number is a silent number means my number come on a callers ID only with emergency does it display. Scum like AA Options would pull the pin the amount of complaints they are getting rotten lowest scum of the earth I pray for the day that they have to meet their maker and he asks what are the good deeds have you done in live and when they have to admit that they have ripped off disabled people, people in general, cancer sufferers (like myself) they are going straight to hell. I pray that something horrible happens to they and that they suffer an agonising dead and anyone associated with AA Options, does that make me any better than them no it doesn't I don't steel money from people
This isn't a good sign.

File a complaint with eConsumer.gov and post the file ID number here.
It was my own stupid fault in not doing my research properly but I was first introduced to AA Options by a Peter Williams on 25/04/2015 I was given a good broker in the beginning his name was Alan Harvey as he was making me money well my account for that matter and it stands at $31904.25 USD to date, I find out that I can not touch it 7 months later, I find out that Alan Harvey was allegedly died in a car accident that is when it all went to hell no one contacted me on this regard I contact Peter Williams asking why has my account been untouched and why no one has contacted me I get this email no phone call dated 27/07/2015 almost a month after Alan's death yes I tried to call AA Options in that time and no one could tell me anything
Dear Daniel.

How are you doing today.
I wanted to talk to you regarding your account, i know that you havent been contacted for the past couple of weeks and there is a reason for that, i tried calling today so we can discuss future business.

Allan harvey is no longer with us after a terrible car accident we have been crushed by the bad news, that is why he didnt contact you,
it is my job now to make sure we are going to move forward and keep building what Allan started in his name an honor.

i wish you a very good day and hopefully we can talk soon.

Warmest regards.

On the 22/07/2015 I did try to withdraw my money and phone call after phone call I got the same thing someone will call you soon 27/07/2015 I get that email.
I email Peter back saying that he doesn't understand my situation (short story) and that I have a bad blood disorder and that I go to hospital every fortnight at that time I had 50% of my Plasma replaced now I am having 85% of my Plasma replaced and that at any time a protein in my Plasma can trigger any blood related cancer and on the 21/12/2015 my worst nightmares came true Leukemia struck not long after my wife and I came back from our honeymoon.

Going back on the 28/07/2015 Peter Williams emails me back saying this.

Dear Daniel.
I can understand why you are disspleased and i would like to take over your account and manage it myself, i had told you that i ONLY deal with account over 50k but since you were firstly introduced to the company through me, i feel responsible for you and i hate the fact that besides Alan the rest of my junior brokers failed to contact you and represent our firm the way i see fit, i would like you to add me on skype my user name is peter.williams4200 please do so and drop me a line when you are available to chat so we can regroup and talk about our future business relationship.
to read what you are telling me about your condition opens my eyes and helps me to understand how terribly narrow our prespection is in life, i wish you good health and many successfull years my friend please contact me as soon as you find the time.
Warmest regards.

I have contacted them saying that I want the money invested which was $19,000 USD the rest they can keep and shove it where the sun doesn't shine all I want is my initial out lay so if someone out there can help get me my $19,000 USD the rest they can keep I don't want anything from them nothing just my money back please may you help.

It's "almost" humorous the way these AAoption SCAM ...mers operate, but in reality it's utterly disgusting. They pulled the same crap with me, replacing my "broker" with yet another scammer. I guess the employee turn-around in these rat hole operations is very high. Maybe some discover they actually have a soul and conscience--- and they bail...LoL
All we can do is keep the exposure like this up, and maybe some will be made whole, but we can also at least squeeze the life out of these roach-infested companies who give the entire industry a rotten name! AAoption is a SCAM ---- GTOption is another big SCAM also!
I doubt there's any turn around. They've probably got 5 or 6 very well trained smooth talking scammers who pass the clients in a circle. Very few clients would make it all the way around and wonder why their newest "professional" trader sounds suspiciously like the first one to wreck their account.