another sad story about Scamming by UFX Markets

[langtitle=ar]another sad story about Scamming by UFX Markets[/langtitle]

i opened an account with **** company at May 2012 with total funding about 5000$ and after many bad recommendations from the account manger -which all about losing and funding again - i decide to trade by my mind and thanks to GOD i made profits and i tried to withdraw but the manger of account disappeared after he hearing the word of withdrawal !!!!!!! . now all i want from this company return my money back .
I have an action plan for you.

1. Close any open trades. Do not open any new trades.

2. Get screenshots of your trading history and any other records of your account.

3. File a complaint with Cysec here:

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

4. If you haven't already done so, leave a 1 star review here:

UFX Markets | UFX Bank | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army

5. After doing all of items 1-4 above, send an email to every address you have for UFX and tell them that you'll let the world know about whether you get your money back or not. Include a link to this thread.

As soon as you've done all of that, please report back. Keep this discussion thread up to date with any information from Cysec or UFX.
can i claim chargeback on my debit card from ufx?

i tried before and they threatened me saying there legal team will get involved and i would loose every thing

please advise