Are all FX Brokers Bad?


I'm a long time day trader but fx newbie. I've been reading broker reviews for weeks now and it "seems" that there are no trustworthy brokers out there. Reviews have all kinds of problematic issues for most of them.

I'm a scalper by nature, but will swing too. Looking for 2 brokers. One in the USA, under NFA for "slow trades", and an offshore broker to trade the right way (mulitiple positions with with Stop Loss/Take Profit, etc). Either should have MT4 for my EA styles, no dealing desk, decent spreads, reliable and sufficient servers to prevent inability to handle trades during volume increases, no stop hunting, and if it were a perfect world, they would have credit card or paypal to and a fast access to get money out. I've heard many horror stories.

Is there any guidance that would share a worthy broker?


Once, long ago, when the pyramids where still new, the people cried out to the Pharaoh, "Name for us the greatest forex broker!".

The Pharaoh looked carefully. He saw some good brokers turn bad over time. He saw some bad brokers show signs of improvement. He saw trusted brokers suddenly disappear with client money.

He also saw that his people's needs in a brokerage varied widely. Thus, after much contemplation, he designed a way for each trader to find a broker and wrote it all here...

The path to the correct broker will not be easy, but this method will help guide your way.

:D :D :D


Where is the ancient one location???....Ok, one tiny bitty clue....the nearest pyramid to the Great Pharaoh present abode is the one at Les Vegas.....and the title of Ruler-of-Upper-and-Lower-Nile should now be "Ruler-of-Upper-and-Lower-Mississippi" or maybe the "Everglades" :cool:

Are all FX Brokers Bad?

.....hmmmmm....let's see!...I believe the answer would be the same as: "Are all sharks man-eaters???"

Yup...the ancient one is correct. Read "How to select a forex broker" written in stone tablets.


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