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Problem Big fraud at avafx.com broker!

I am having an issue with a company
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I got an account at avafx.com broker and this case is very serious. I've lost a huge amount of money - 12,000$ and they don't care about that at all.
Here is what happened last night.
I've finished my trading not long after the session in US has end, and I went sleep. When I waked up, I've logged in avafx.com and became shocked! At night somebody has closed my heading and opened 2 positions x 1 million (10 lot) and closed them with los. 3rd position was also opened for 1 million (10 lot) and it was another loss. Overall loss was 12,000$!!!
I've contacted quickly with customoer support. They told me that manager will contact me in 1 hour - but he didn't do that. So I've spoken on the chat to them again and told him whole story. I've asked him why there were such a huge positions opened on my account. He told me to wait, and then told me that somebody was logging/breaking into my account from Vietnamese IP! I've told him to revers those positions but he answered it is not possible. So I've asked him how is that possible that somebody from Vietnamese IP logged in and made that transactions - he answered that maybe I've given somebody my login details(!!!) and they don't take responsibility for that. Then he turned off the chat...
I have breakdown now and I'm seeking for any help in getting my money back cause I didn't made that transactions. They don't have SSL encryption.
Any help will be appreciated.
Demand all details of the intrusion. If they really think someone accessed your account from Vietnam, they should be happy to provide you with IPs, log files, etc. If someone really broke into your account, it's not the broker's fault. If they aren't 100% cooperative providing you with evidence, then it's time to consider if you believe that your account was hacked or not.

Find out which part of your national government deals with internet fraud (in the USA, it's ic3.gov). Report this immediately. Provide the evidence given by your broker or let them know that your broker wouldn't give it.
My computer is protected by G-data Internet Security. I'm doing regular scanning. I've got accounts at other brokers, banks, internet e-wallets like Moneybookers or Neteller. I've got them for few years and I didn't had any problems with hacking or etc. As I said Avafx.com has no SSL encryption - you can check it.
Depending on the security at the brokerage, the hacker could have just tried a few million password combinations against a few thousand account numbers. If so, you and a handful of others could have been compromised.

Demand evidence from the broker. Whether they provide it or not, get in touch with the authorities. Someone has defrauded you.
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This is strange. I've got accounts at many brokers and I didn't noticed any hacking activity, beside Avafx nobody broken into my other accounts. And today I've recived mail from their director saying that IP was from Warsaw. This is getting more and more suspicious.
These guys have brilliant ideas to steal your money. How can an internet hacker knows what is buy/sell with 10 lots?? And why didnt he change his password to takeover his account ?? I am sorry for your loss bro , but these guys are scammers and thx for warning us.
I never thought that somebody will breake into my broker accounton Forex market. I've heard they can break intobank account and steal the money, what is the sense of hacking account Forex?
I've demande from AvaFX director info, does he already informed Ireland police.
Go ahead and inform the police yourself. Give them everything you've got from Ava. Also, ask your bank if they have info on how best to report financial crimes.

The only possible purpose I could see for hacking accounts would be for the hackers to use a number of accounts to trade during times of low volatility. The hacked accounts all trade one way to push the price. Then the hackers trade the other way and take advantage of the almost inevitable retrace.

The best way to accomplish this would be using accounts with the same broker. If so, Ava should have very little trouble finding accounts that placed trades in the opposite direction a few moments after the trades in your account.
Today I've recieved answer to my last e-mail where I've asked for logs. I didn't get them, instead of that I've got laconical info saying that it wa probably me who lost that money or somebody who has login details from me. Another time I've asked them to inform police but they seem to ingore truth that this is crime. Getting more and more suspicious.