Bitcoin Analysis

big push to the up side this week think a lot of people will see it as the beginning of the pump and jump in and then we could see another sell off. what do you think?
Signs look good for big push up. Everyone will start loving Bitcoin again now...
Good morning all, apologies for not updating with the picture analysis. As I have mainly been covering Bitcoin on my YouTube channel I haven't done a chart update for a few weeks. As I mentioned on my video update's I bought Bitcoin after the Sell to buy price action at the trend line . As we can see we have had some nice bullish impulse price action. We have created a higher high, and now expect to create a higher low top hopefully start our bull trend off. Currently 6K pips in profit so if you followed keep holding for now until the trend is confirmed for the next leg up. GLIYF
Interested to see where it goes from here now it has broken the recent high. Could be a liquidity swipe and then a hard push down or a true BoS and a HL form.
when telegram chats focused on cats, humor etc will start active to write about btc then will start to buy it, fundamental analysis works much better for me
Good morning all, today brings another small update on Bitcoin . Price is sitting at virtually the same point as the last update. But we have had some movement, and with that we have seen some bullish trend structure form. With the established higher high formed and the higher Low created right on the little demand zone . Price is looking good for continuation of bullish movement. We just need to see this leg now produce the next higher high. As always if you followed move SL to entry price, or into some profits and keep holding for now. Will update again in a few days. GLIYF
Yes, a HH would be lovely here and would be a good confirmation that we're in a new uptrend
Looking like the start of a buy model at the moment. Hopefully some confirmation and then there will be plenty of opportunities on the way up