Continuefx is not paying my withdrawal for the amount of 20000$

FXFORME Representative
Dear Fahime/Pouya,

We have your other account trading history, which we were managed for other traders, as we have discussed with our LP and he denied to accept this orders as it was triggered with manipulated EA, We have seen your history it was completely trading by EA only, and we have found your track record too, Still company paid you 5 times of your capital. We don't accept this EA for any more.

Thank you
Support team

At First you must prove that I used an EA and of course I placed all of my orders manully
as I mentioned I can prove it and what you are telling me here is just for not paying my balance and my profits
I am a forex trader and I make profit , I do not care if you paid me 5 times of my capital.I traded on my account and I made profit.
I do not know how you were able to cover my orders before , but suddenly when I reached 20K balance , you find out that you are not able to cover it !!!!!
Please prove that I used EA and also show me the section of your client agreement and informed client that is not allowed to use EA.
I consist that I did not used EA on my account.
I traded few orders with EA and you can delete those orders profits from my history if you want , but you must delete the loss orders that I placed with EA too.
so go one and prove that I used EA