cornering the market, by zero...


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ten years ago, i began working on my current project.

i refer to this project as my thesis.

this work is a demonstration of my skill as a software and hardware engineer.

i am suggesting that i have designed the proper mathematical calculation with which one can accurately pick a top OR bottom of a currency pairs wave movement with an extreme high level of precision.

imagine trading with no real amount of drawdown whatsoever?

no way, they said.

that is what they all insisted, they said that there is no way to win every time.

i present to you now, cornering the market..

happy trading,

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my targets are quite precise.

but i must allow a small margin of error for spread.

i missed that takeprofit by hairs, 1.07

not again.

stupd me, i had a stop loss in place.

i was playing with a stop loss.

i hate using stop loss.

trades are in progress.

happy trading,

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cornering the market using a single currency pair has always been considered as an impossible thing to do.

i changed that.

i am zero.

i came to win.

happy trading,

captain boomerang/.
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this snapshot includes trade specifics.

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if this current position should go backwards into the negative,

i am fully prepared to add a total of approx 1.8 lots, including my current 0.3 lots.

and that will leave this pair fully cornered and unable to drop down any further.

edit: takeprofit in image is not correct, current takeprofit is 1.0610

i wait now.
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position closed several hours ago.

no trades are open at this time.

i will win each and every time.

soon, i will begin my case for traders court for the following entities:

oanda corporation

happy trading,

like an idiot, i played another speculative trade.

i just cant do that kind of thing... i lost slightly in excess of a hundred bucks.

this current move is properly cornered, with a take profit set.

this will work fine.

happy trading,


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i dont think that i understand the proper way to use this forum.

sometimes when i post something new, and then i edit it, it somehow disappears for several hours and then it reappears...

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of course tho, maybe my brain has turned into pudding after this long ten year project.


once again, i played a speculative trade and lost a hundred bucks.


when will i learn to just let my bot do it's thing?

probably never.

the current position is a properly cornered position.

kindly note that it is not fully cornered yet, there is approx another thirty pips more of drawdown coming, so be advised.

happy trading,




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i played another speculative trade and lost more than a hundred bucks.

the current position is a properly cornering market.

happy trading,

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position closed.

ten years i took to design arbitrage.

now i walk on easy street.

happy trading,