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Problem Crown Forex - Sign in here if you have a problem

I am having an issue with a company
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Normally, the FPA likes for everyone to open a new thread if they have a problem that has reached the point that they want to file a formal Scam Ticket.

Since there are so many complaints within the last month against Crown Forex, I am creating one main thread for withdrawal issue with Crown Forex. This will make life easier on the investigator who has been working with the first few people to file Scam Tickets.

GoldenFX is also trying to put together a mailing list for those who are having these problems.

If you have had difficulties withdrawing money from Crown Forex, please post in this thread and answer these questions.

1. What date did you first try to withdraw money?

2. Have you already filed a Scam Ticket?

3. If you haven't filed a ticket, would you like to be contacted by an FPA investigator about this issue.

4. Would you like your email address to be shared with GoldenFX and the other people who agree to share contact info? Just say yes or no. If you say yes, then the email address on file in your forum registration will be emailed to GoldenFX and you may also be CCed on messages from the FPA to Crown Forex.
I have had problems withdrawing money from Crown Forex

1. Withdrawal form submitted on 8 Oct 2008

2. Have not filed scam ticket yet

3. Yes would like to be contacted

4. Yes
We have problem in withdrawing the money with Crown Forex

1. We submit withdrawal form on Oct 10 and have emailed and phone them almost everyday.
2. Yes, we have filed scam ticket
4. Yes.
I am unable to get my withdrawal from crownforex for more than a month, they started to tell me the got technical problems, then they stopped answering my calls, mails, etc.

1. September
2. Yes
4. Yes

Legal action should be taken.
Considering legal action against Crownforex

Hello Everyone:

So far I don't have much hope that Crownforex will settle our accounts peacefully. I have problem withdraw my fund since early September, until now they don't wire me a penny. Worst than that, they try to rob my account empty by back charge swap and cancel my last trade which were in profit.

My problem with Crownforex, started in September. I have account with Crownforex since early this year, and I never have any serious problem with executing trade
or withdraw fund. However, when gbp/jpy and other major pairs droped in August and early September, my account at Crownforex accumulate a lot of profit. Then the problem start.

First, without warning, they close all my open positions, then they disabled my account. When I call them up, they said it was technical problem and the account will be back online in a few days. Then when they put my account back online for me to see, they said they back charge swap fee on my account, going back to when I first open my account.

More than that, I submitted a request to withdraw fund in early September. That even before they disabled my account. They deducted the fund from my trading account, but never wire it to me.

I had hired a Swiss attorney to help me with this case. They have written two formal letters to Crownforex and to their board of directors, but Crownforex still do not react so far.

Now we are writing them the last letter, warning them that we are going to Swiss public prosecutor and SFBC (Swiss Federal Banking Commission) and we are also going to file civil debt collection with Swiss debt collection department, if Crownforex do not settle the case peacefully with us.

If we have to go to Swiss public prosecutor and SFBC, I think it is more affective to gather all the victims to file this case together. I spoke to my attorney again this morning and he said it is a good idea to have more people to file the complain report together.

So the next step is to gather all email of the victims (if they are willing to join us) so that we can communicate and work together to fight Crownforex through legal actions.

We also still can continue to work with FPA investigator to put pressure on Crownforex. The more pressure we can put on them the better.

So tell me what you think about this.
Hi GoldenFX, I am also willing to join. I would first like to see if FPA can solve the issue peacefully with Crown. If things dont look good and FPA lists them as a SCAM then I will join you fully.
Hopefully Crown forex will come to realise that if they dont pay out monies owed to their clients, they are going to loose many potential new clients and money due to bad publicity.
Withdrawer Problem with Crown Forex

I also have problems withdrawing money from Crown Forex.

1. Withdrawal forms submitted on 06 Oct 2008.
Crown Forex acknowledge on the same day.

2. Have not filed scam ticket yet

3. Yes, I would like to be contacted.

4. Yes

To GoldenFX, I will join you. Just tell me what to do.
Between scam tickets, posts in the forums, and messages using the Contact Us link, there are now 8 FPA members who have problems with Crown and all agreed to be put in touch with GoldenFX.

Anyone else having a problem, please post in this thread and answer the 4 questions and I'll either handle things individually or will add you to the group.
Problem with Crown Forex

We had problems withdrawing money from Crown Forex:

1. Withdrawal form submitted since Mid. of September

2. Have not filed scam ticket yet

3. Yes would like to be contacted

4. Yes
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