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Basel Institutional, Fx pulp, House wealth bank crownIT, cittrader & crown forex

Dear All,

i would like to inform everyone that the following companies (Basel Institutional managed by Shadi swais, Fx pulp managed by Saed Al-Qadomi (said Al Salem), House wealth bank managed by Shadi Swais & Ibrahim Hasanian, crownIT managed by Ibrahim Hasania(or bluebselutions), cittrader managed by Ibrahim Hasania(or bluebselutions), cgforex managed by Ibrahim Hasania(or bluebselutions)& ecpulse managed by Mohammad Speer) are all owned by the same owners of bankrupt crown forex and managed by the same management of crown forex (Mr. Shadi Swais & the Hasanain family) The owners and the people working there are the same people of crown forex but they are not using there names.

Keep in mind what happened with crown forex, they opened these companies after crown forex bankruptcy to attract more clients to take there money as they did with crown forex before, and this is why FINMA closed crown forex because when clients make profits they don’t pay them there money.

For basil institutional please check out this link: Swiss blacklist (

And now you know.

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If your problem is only with Crown Forex, go to (yes, .info, not .com) and follow the instructions there.

The FPA has already declared Crown to be a scam. There is an ongoing investigation of brokers that may be run by the same people as Crown. Suspicions and "someone claimed it somewhere" are not evidence. If you have real evidence that another broker is related, open a thread in Scam Alerts and share the evidence.

Since Crown is being liquidated and the liquidators have instructions at the site, there is nothing else the FPA can do about CrownForex at this time. Because of this, I am closing this thread.

If you have a problem with UBFX, there is a thread here....

Those having problems with UBFX are encouraged to sign in so that they can join together to seek a resolution. UBFX customers who cannot access funds should sign in there whether the funds were in a CrownForex account or not.
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