Crude oil


ACY Representative
Crude oil rose more than 5% to more than 2-week high as supply concerns worsened, U.S. inventories fell

Crude oil rose again on Thursday, EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly dropped sharply, and the energy supply interruption problem fermented, causing oil prices to rise again. The top concerns about 117 and the impact of news. From the four-hour line, Bollinger fluctuated upwards. 115.3 rose again after a callback to 113.4, and broke the high point of yesterday. The top focuses on 117 and 120. The operation idea is mainly based on callbacks, and the bottom focuses on 113 and 110.
I think we will see the $120 region again soon. This will then be a decision point on whether it'll go down, or continue higher. Also depends on fundamentals too.