DACFX (daclandex.com) Scam

Yes I was able, but I could only get 56% of my money back. Have you tried to report to the police?
Most scammers only allow someone to withdraw a few hundred dollars, once in a while up to a thousand but no more after that. How were you able to recover 56% of the money invested? How much did you invest with this company?
I invested over $250,000 with the company and all transactions was done with wire and cryptocurrency
I invested over $250,000 with the company and all transactions was done with wire and cryptocurrency
How did you get 56% of your money back from these scammers? This is almost unheard of on FPA. Please share how you recovered a large amount of money. What country are you from?
Sorry I can't because I was almost scammed here again few months ago by fake company trying to help me recover back money. They wanted proof and after I sent them another platform contacted me and started asking me for investigation fee.

This all started a couple of months back when I was introduced to a site called DACFX (daclandex.com) by a woman I met online. She said she made incredible profits through them. It was social engineering and I now believe this woman is part of the scam.

Initially, I started with small deposits in the form of Ethereum sent from my Coinbase account. I submitted 30k USD at different times. She was also helping me with the trading signals on MT5. I started to see profits come in on MT5 trading. She kept pressuring me to make more deposits. At some point, she, herself sent money (100k USD) to my DACFX account directly to increase my profits. The trading went on for a while and the total balance came out to 342K USD. When I went to withdraw the balance, that’s when the issue started with the site. Initially they asked for 10% in handling fees. Since all my savings was put already on to this account, I had to borrow 20k from my wife and the “woman” helped with rest. After this handling fee was paid, they refused to release the funds saying that there was a flag on my account since my deposits came from different IPs (Multi Wallet IP injection). And they wanted me to pay the 50k more as security deposit. They promised it won’t be charged to the account and it will reflect on my balance. This time the “Woman” sent 30k on my behalf and I took a personal Loan of 20k to pay the balance. The 50k reflected on my balance of 342 k as it increased to 392k.

Once the security deposit was paid, they came up with another reason to hold my money. They said due to recent criminal money laundering activities on MT5, I need provide the source of my money and send a 5% audit fee(20k). I managed to pay them again and provide source of funds (which was screenshots of money I sent them as Ethereum through Coinbase). Once this was completed, they hit me again with another reason to block my withdrawal. They said the system has detected technical abnormality in my account because I made too many withdrawal requests and I need to pay 2% (8k) more to complete my withdrawal. This is when I started to feel that they are scamming me. I haven’t sent any more money to them. The “woman” keeps pressuring me to send them the 8k as her money is in the account as well. When I said no, she threatened me with a police case and her “mafia cousin”. I blocked all contacts with her.

As I am typing this, I realize how stupid I was. One of my close friends told me about FPA. At this point I don’t care about the profit I made. I made deposits of 106k USD. As long as I can get this back, I would consider myself lucky. DACFX can keep all the profits they made with my money. I hope you guys at FPA can help me. See attached for screenshots of evidence and conversations with them
This is called "Honey Scam"
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@FxMaster I just submitted the review. Its under review. Under Note 3, you mentioned to share the account number. Does that mean the account number I have with DaclandFX?

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