Dear Mr ....,

If you have any new information you would like to bring forward you can share it here.

Until the PayPal investigation is over, your account will remain blocked. All personnel has been directed not to respond and to continue handling your case in this ticket.

Should you wish to already escalate the matter, the Financial Ombudsman Service is the correct address as per our company policy.


MIMO Manager
Customer Service Department


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I can forward your email to the regional manager to see if it helps

this after 2 weeks with my account blocked with open positions.... waiting for a complaint...this is crazy guys
I have provided the instructions.
Bur you did in your own way. Your method did not work.
1) Now what, try mine ?
2) Or keep being stuck and forget it ?

Probably will go with 2


My mail and their answer

Dear ..,

Thanks for reaching out to me with your mail.
I want to explain you the whole situation, because I think it is still not very clear and I am kindly asking you for an official explication and answer regarding these three points:

1. When I signed up on the platform I bought some Repsol and Eni positions but on Oil there was the option leverage 10 on my account (only for Oil) and I didn't realize it! Then I asked the Italian authority, Consob, and the Spanish one, Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, and both told me that this option is not allowed for Non-Professional clients. Then I would like to have a refund of all my lost money on those positions. Additionally I would refund you the winnings that have been made on the positions with leverage 10, thus, cancel all my positions with leverage 10 which, according to the authorities is not allowed, as I am a non professional.

2 There are 4 positions that I ve claimed:
A 13-03-2020 OIL open 31.79 closed 33.38 never reached, loss = 175.06$; B 18-03-2020 OIL open 21.82 closed 22.98 never reached, loss = 138.22$; C 20-03-2020 OIL open 23.53 closed 25,88 never reached, loss = 199.75$; D 22-03-2020 OIL open 23.26 closed 21.77, loss = 128$, in that case my account was not available at the regular time of open market at 23:00 and at that time I had a position in profit, not in loss, since the closing time of Friday 20-03-2020.

3 My account is still blocked! I can't even operate with the open positions and this is really unfair.

I would need an official explication and answer to each of the points mentioned above.
I also need the right case number of my complaint in order to send the claim to Cysec, as established internationally.

Please help me with my case as soon as possible, as my account is still blocked with open positions.

Thanks for your help,

Kind Regards,

Dear ....,

The final response addresses your concerns, below you can find the section which covers your claim:

eToro has carefully tailored our offering of trading to match ESMA requirements. All risk disclosures exist on the platform and in the terms and conditions and are publicly available to all users before starting their trading in eToro EUs trading platform. We also offer a Virtual environment available for the lifetime of the account to try out and learn how to use the platform. eToro also requests that clients complete an appropriateness test, which your client completed, before beginning to trade.

Your unique complaint reference number is - RX20200314

You may use the reference number above to contact the Financial Ombudsman with the details below:
The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent organization that was established to resolve disputes between financial institutions and their customers. The Financial Ombudsman will not consider a complaint until we have had the opportunity to address it.

The address of the Financial Ombudsman Service is:

13 Lordou Vironos Avenue, 1096, Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O. Box 25735, 1311, Nicosia, Cyprus

In order to remove the limitation from your account we will need proof that the charge-back claim which you opened with PayPal is closed.

Kind Regards,

Director of Customer Service


still no answer, no meeting here, no money back...

stealing at coronavirus time is the new business