EURUSD Analysis (ongoing thread)


EUR/USD - 24/03/2020 - Dollar starting to take a hit.

I’m in a buy from 1.07 mark after we hit the 1.065 support a couple of times.

US announced no limit to quantitative easing.

I’m watching EUR news closely, and USD coronavirus spending package still to come I believe may push dollar further down.

Could we be on for a couple of weeks of bullish trading? Would fit the pattern :) View attachment 52117
I've got a bad feeling that the USD is going to crash soon. Markets are acting very weird, suspending trading on USD pairs and Gold spreads are crazy.


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EUR/USD - 20/03/2020 - Still in shorts from Monday, have pretty much doubled my capital with shorting stocks and other indices as well.

Seeing no signs of stopping, maybe when virus hits US harder?

Interesting excerpt about the dollar:

“On Friday, the dollar’s bullish trend is a nightmare for the various nations and groups that have borrowed massively in the dollar, pointing to further selling of developing market currencies in a negative feedback circle.

The U.S. Federal Reserve bank has prompted to ease global currency as concerns about a worldwide recession triggered a surge in demand for the U.S. dollar. The Federal Reserve announced it had settled swap lines to establish central banks’ supply in nine countries with the greenback.”

Hope your all keeping safe and at least keeping those at higher risk safe around you.

Do you think we’re gonna see a dive in the dollar anytime soon? :)View attachment 51964
Going to see markets go crazy across the board depending on which gets hit harder and reacts faster in these current conditions!


There is an outflow of capital to the most reliable assets with minimal risk. Europe under the pressure of a pandemic. Apparently the USD will strengthen against the EUR below the lows of 2017 in EUR/USD pair.


Eurusd has been showing steady growth this week. do you notice it too? expect by Friday evening the price will rise to the level of 1.11745. also news on the dollar is also expected today.
i suggest everyone to buy currency, until the rollback.
what are your thoughts for today?


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EUR/USD - 26/03/2020 - Dollar taking a hit this week as $2 Trillion stimulus package announced.

I’m still in a buy from 1.07 mark and can’t see anything changing anytime soon.

Seems like free money at the moment :p

Can see the dollar taking big hits into next week.

U.S. jobless claims to come and looking at number rising to 1.5 million which will hit the greenback further.

Anyone see anything differently? :)